Ah, the GP-100 arrived today. Another gun rescued from a life of not belonging to me. Came with some competition speedloaders too. This thing was used as a competition gun by a fella so it has replacement springs to give it a smoother, slicker trigger pull. As sweet as the dounle-action is, I’ll probably pick up a set of factory springs and put them in. I want this gun as a general-purpose revolver and I’d like the heavier springs to ensure good firing pin hits.


As you can see from the photo, theres some carbon markings on the cylinder. Anyone have any ideas on best way to remove ‘em? Keep in mind I dont have a parts tank, hazmat suit, or EPA certifications….so something over-the-counter would be nice.

ETA: Would not have believed if I hadnt seen it with my own eyes: pencil eraser does the trick!


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  1. I use “Mother’s” mag wheel polish, in little or large economy sized white plastic cans in auto section. It is a superb polish for all metals i.e. aluminum cases on motorcycles, dirty chrome bumbers on trucks, etc. I used it on three S&W magnum 357 revolvers and it brightend em up to near chrome shine, enough to stop traffic if ya brandished em in public. Add a dremel tool with felt wheels and your getting busy on your kit. good luck, gp’s are solid performers

  2. Pencil lead graphite does a pretty good job cleaning knife blades from corrosion effects, but I never knew about pencil eraser – thanks for the tip!

  3. I have read postings about how to solve the carbon residue problem on ss guns. There is, apparently, a carbon removal “wipe” that will work. Perhaps Brownells….

  4. “A life of not belonging to me” – I love that!

    Not a pretty as a Smith & Wesson, but I do think the “tough” reputation of Ruger revolvers is well earned.

    Any word on the newest wave of twin tube shotguns?

  5. The pink and white erasers have different qualities, can’t recall what, though. The pink is definitely an abrasive. If you find an old one, that has turned dark and hard, take a razor blade and shave a thin section to expose the good pink guts.

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