Gold, suppressor paperwork

Well, it wasn’t mine but at least I got to¬† hold it:

IMG_0829Thats about, uhm….fifteen, sixteen thousand dolllars worth of gold. The Metals Pimp came by to show it off. There is virtually nothing going on in my life that could not be favorably altered with a solid application of this stuff.


Still have a few of the Hardigg cases left if anyone is interested.


Dropped off the last of the paperwork for my suppressor this afternoon so it is now in thehands of our benevolent and accomodating fedgov. The guy at the store told me Christmas might be the time I can come by and pick the bloody thing up. I can have an ‘instant’ background check to buy a Glock but it takes six months to to a background check for a suppressor? The implication is either the instant background check is far more lax than the NFA checks, or they simply drag the NFA checks out unneccesarily. Either one doesnt exactly instill a lot of hope.

In addition to having the Rugers threaded, I’m going to send out my 10″ Contender .22LR barrel to be threaded. Since there’ll be no noise of an action cycling, the finished product should be as quiet as can be. I should also probably start work on a good bullet trap for my basement.

3 thoughts on “Gold, suppressor paperwork

  1. Ask around… The checks weren’t taking as long last I heard. And if this is your first, you can expect that any more in the future will be much faster. They kinda just look at your last batch of paperwork and all that…

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