LDS cannery rumours, silver, sleep systems

I’ve gotten several emails about the LDS canneries shuttering the “you can it” portions of their activities. I was aware that the wet-canning operations had stopped at many, if not all, canneries but I hadn’t heard anything about the dry-pack activites coming to a halt. Here’s a link from one of the emails.

I suspect that like many things, theres more to this story than the one-sided articles. I haven’t been to the cannery in quite a while since I’ve pretty much topped of the tank in regards to long-term food, but Id be interested to know what the real story is here.


Silver continues to hover in the $22.50 range. Another four silver Eagles went into the safe. Some folks say precious metals will be worthless after the apocalypse. I disagree, but its rather a moot point – most of my precious metals are for the weeks leading up to the end of the world. (Assuming the end of the word inst an instant  event.)


One is none and eight is three? Picked up another bunch of the military sleep systems. We’ve hit the tertiary level of redundancy on those so I think we’re pretty much done on those. Theyre a bit bulky and heavy but (usually) the price is right and they really do keep you warm in he sub-freezing range. Someday when I need one of them I’ll be sure I’ll not regret the weight and bulk.


And happiness was achieved as the Big Brown Truck dropped off not one but two BetaMags to yours truly.

One thought on “LDS cannery rumours, silver, sleep systems

  1. “Silver continues to hover in the $22.50 range”
    I’m stacking, too, but I think this paper spot price is completely divorced from reality. My LCS can’t supply junk Morgans for less than $26 a piece. That’s a spot price over $30. And I don’t think he’s cheating me, either.

    Somebody tell me I’m wrong.

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