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Every time I post about  gold-n-silver someone usually comments about “where can I go to get a fair price and ……”. So, I’m making this post and will wind up just putting a link to it in any post I make about gold/silver since folks always seem to want to know a good source.

So… my buddy runs Montana Rarities. He buys and sells gold and silver, as well as, sometimes, doing trades for them as well. (As in, you trade ‘x’ amounts of one metal for ‘y’ amount of the other.) He’s very knowlegable, a straight-shooter, and is far more easygoing and fair than a lot of people I’ve seen in this business.

When he started this business and was looking for ideas, I suggested a subscription plan where a person could set up a repeating transaction once a month and acquire gold or silver. He drafts your bank account for, say, $200 every 15th of the month (you pick the amount and the day) and on the 15th of every month he sends you $200 worth of gold or silver (whichever you specified) at whatever the rate was on that day. Basically, set it and forget it. Here’s a link to the page describing how it works. If you want to sock away some metal without the hassle of following prices, and dealing with shipping and credit card numbers every month, it’s the way to go…a fire-n-forget way of accumulating your stash of metals.

Is he a good value? Well, certainly he’s the best deal in town here. Is he the best on the itnernet? Beats me. I suppose if you order 5000 ounces at a time from APMEX you might get a better deal, but if youre going to be doing a bit less volume than that I’d stack him against anyone. In fact, I usually give him a huge ration of crap about how his premium percentages are smaller than pretty much everyone’s.

Now, sure, I’m biased. I’ve known him for years, and watched him start this business from the ground up….back when a $300 sale was reason to celebrate. Nowadays a $5,000 sale barely raises his heartbeat. Why? Mostly because a lot of those $300 sales turned out to be guys ‘testing the waters’ to see if he was a good guy to do business with. Once they did a few ‘nickle-n-dime’ sales with him and realized how great he was to deal with, the real money started changing hands. Can;t buy that kinda customer loyalty, ya gotta earn it.

Anyway, before you go plunk down your slowly dissolving greenbacks at one of the big-name guys’ websites, check him out and see if you cant get a better value from him. Even if the prices ‘tween the two are virtually the same, you’ll probably get much better customer service from him.

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  1. NOOOOO!!! you outed my secret go-to guy on the net! now i won’t be able to get a deal for nothin, lol! yeah, he’s been good to me. by the time you figure shipping n such, he’s just as cheap as the big boys. i was going to give him a call today, guess i’ll wait a few now. he’ll be slammed with calls now.

    • Oh, him. The earlier in the morning the better.;) He is busy these days, no two ways about it. I have no sympathy for him when he complains about it, though. “How utterly terrible for you…all these people calling you wand wanting to give you their money. How ever shall you go on?”

  2. Agreed – I am glad you pointed me to him as I have really enjoyed doing business with Mark. I am still in the “small potatoes” group but month after month purchases pile up quickly and the plan meets my needs. Fantastic customer service.

  3. On your recommendation, I signed up with him three months ago at $100 a month. I’ve been super pleased with the service and speed. It’s a good background savings activity, and it’s fun to watch the little silver bars stack up in the safe…

  4. I’ve been using Mark based on John’s recommendation for well over a year now. He’s been great to work with and it’s nice to get a small package every month!

    He’s a great guy to deal with. Recommended.

  5. I have been buying from Mark for several years and he is great to work with. He is a top notch guy and gives you good value for the money.

  6. When I’m advising my clients to put some precious metals into their portfolios they always ask me where I get them. I’m one of those little people that tested the water with Mark, but I also tried out Monex.

    I put links to both of them on my webpage because some people are going to want the official audited company, but I was honestly happier with Montana Rarities (no sales agents will call!) and your testimonial will help back me up when I tell them “I know a guy…”

    So thanks. It’s always nice when we help each other.

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