The next SIG thing…..

Picked up a cop gun today. Sig 226 w/ three HydraShock-filled mags. I like cop guns, always a bargain. Theyre the sorority girls of the gun world … cheap and easy to pick up if you have a few bucks.

What I don’t like about cop guns is the way cops tend to neglect their guns. Behold:


Breaks your heart, don’t it? But don’t feel bad. A half hour with some Hoppes #9, brass brush, some dental picks and a buncha elbow grease gave me this:


Clean as can be. No pitting or permanent damage.

I’m not a Sig kinda guy. Really, is there a market for DA/SA autos anymore? But I’ve been wanting a handgun that could be kept at the shop, or in the truck, that I don’t mind losing or relegating to ‘nightstand duty’ where it’s pretty much just going to sit there unused for months or years at a time. And the price was right.

By the way, one of the handiest things I’ve ever found for use when cleaning guns is a cafeteria tray. Keeps everything in one place, catches all the drips and drabs, and cleans up dishwasher safe. Command Zero recommended and approved!



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  1. If its presence is bothering you that bad, I will be happy to sacrifice my time to end this inconvenience to you I’ll send you the address of my FFL in private Email, and you can get rid of that poor albatross around your neck…. :)

    My current problem with SIGs is that SIG decided the darn things are the Rolls Royces of pistols, and started charging double for them. Both Number One Son and I had enough money to buy 2 or 3 just before the used SIG prices doubled, and we didn’t take advantage of it. Poor, pitiful us, I know.

  2. My hand is uncomfortable with the standard trigger length on a SiG. I send my 225 in for a Short Trigger and a Short Reactive Trigger job. That fixed the problem and made it one of the best shooting pistols I’ve had. I’m not a big DA/SA pistol fan, but this made a believer out of me. Their turn around is very quick. They have a program where you, as an individual, can pay for the shipping and they send you a UPS slip. The UPS guy picked it up on a Wednesday and gave it back, completed, the next Wednesday. I was positively impressed.

  3. Cleaning tip #2:
    I broke down and bought my own glass casserole dish, put one of those spongy tool drawer liners in the bottom, and use it to soak handguns and parts in solvents etc. to clean them. Now I don’t catch hell for doing cleaning around the kitchen, or fouling the splendor of the Boss’s food prep area. (*My* dish has the outside bottom painted white, both for recognition, and because it helps make small parts show up better. And like the cafeteria tray, it makes it hard to lose any pieces.

    Always liked the SIGs in general. Their version of the 1911 (a SS GSR w/picatinny rail) is still the best one I’ve carried.

  4. $400? That’s a utter steal! In my area a well used P226 without any mags OR ammo starts easily at $500. Funny story, I helped out years ago at a range where they were re-qualifying local cops, one detective stepped up drew his sidearm in a sweeping motion that muzzle swept a half dozen people pulled the trigger when it wasn’t even on target and tried to fire again (CLICK, CLICK CLICK). turned toward me with finger on trigger and shrugged his shoulders saying “these suck, I want my revolver back”. Turns out the guy had it for 2 years, never cleaned it after first qualifying with it. We had to use a hammer & block of wood to smack the slide back to eject the case that was corroded into the barrel & found the slide had ‘rusted’ together along with the magazine. The armorer/range master took the P226 & placed it into his car saying “you’ll get it back when you learn how to take care of it”.

  5. I’m not a Sig kinda guy. Really, is there a market for DA/SA autos anymore?

    Yes, there is! ToddG makes some good points here and there’s a link in that post to a long and involved discussion at the forum.

    I’m not sure it’s as relevant for the CCW toter as the cop, but a longer and heavier trigger pull for the first shot adds an extra bit of tactile feedback to the trigger finger which can be important in a gun that is going to spend more time being used as a threat-management tool rather than actually busting caps in some fool’s face.

  6. I have a Sig 220 that is a very comfortable and well thought out pistol. Prefer the .45 that it is chambered for and being a single stack it is easier to carry in a IWB holster. Talk about Cadillac prices, HK pistols are right up there. I also got my SIG for 400.00 from a buddy. Great buy like yours.

  7. I can’t speak for the market, but I have two DA/SA 9mms in my safe that I really like. One is a 469 cop gun that I also picked up on the cheap because it wouldn’t feed. One recoil spring later (original was 1 inch shorter than the new one) and it runs flawlessly with Hornady TAP. The other is a 5906 TSW with crimson trace grips and a Streamlight TLR-1. That’s the bedside gun.

  8. So…stupid question maybe, but as someone not as plugged into his local gun market as you are into yours, how does one keep an eye out for police gun sell-offs? Even the quoted price of $500 wouldn’t be bad.

    • In my case it was a matter of walking into the local diner, seeing a printout of a SIG on the bulleting board with a ‘for sale’ note, and my wife saying “Oh thats Officer [Name]‘s SIG he wants to sell.”

  9. I just got started with guns. I shot a Sig Sauer-don’t ask me more, cuz I don’t know!- with my instructor. I liked it because it:
    A-Fit my (woman’s) hand
    B-The trigger was easy for me to pull
    C-It wasn’t as noisy as the Remingtons, Glocks, and others he had me try.
    It was also easy to load, but wouldn’t fire on cheap ammunition. So, is this a good starter pistol? (No pun intended). I have been going to my local gun shop and they talk over my head! :)

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