The Chair Is Against The Wall

This showed up in the mail the other day:

IMG_0619For those of you who don’t get the joke, maybe this’ll help:

It’s 11:59 on Radio Free America; this is Uncle Sam, with music, and the truth until dawn. Right now I’ve got a few words for some of our brothers and sisters in the occupied zone: “the chair is against the wall, the chair is against the wall”, “john has a long mustache, john has a long mustache”. It’s twelve o’clock, American, another day closer to victory. And for all of you out there, on, or behind the line, this is your song.

Yeah, my geekdom knows no bounds. Oh, and before anyone asks: source.

As an aside, I’m rather intrigued that OCTactical gives you  options on what camouflage patterns you want on your gear…and that they actually include my beloved flecktarn. Now if they’d just get the PenCott Snowdrift or the Dansih snow camo then I’d be really happy.


7 thoughts on “The Chair Is Against The Wall

  1. ….the chair is against the wall…..oh crap, …here comes a drone, soon to be another American Patriot down,….. mr. globalism has won.

  2. Au contraire.

    Gun-loving all-American patriot John Milius lifted the dialog addressed to the resistance in “Red Dawn” (1984) out of the far earlier work, “The Longest Day” (1962). The code phrases were the same in both movies, and the key phrase was the one that cued Le Resistance amis to go out and start monkeywrenching French infrastucture to muck things up behind the lines for the Germans just prior to the Normandy landings on D-Day.

    For the cinematicaly curious, the segment in TLD is in section 11 on the DVD, about 40 minutes into the movie.

    • I’ve seen both of those movies a handful of times but I “recognized” it as being from Red Dawn – probably because it was my era and it’s more firmly lodged in my noggin. Neat piece of trivia.

  3. Everyone was correct, that line I remembered from both movies, THE LONGEST DAY AND THE ORIGINAL RED DAWN.

    I always thought that it was a great line.

  4. The Chair Is Against The Wall is an old code breakers prank. The C in Chai the I in Is and the A in Against spell CIA the T in The and the W in Wall go together. W in Greek means SIN so paired with T it’s T-Sin or teasing. It’s a clever way to say the CIA gotcha.

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