Gun day

Here’s a picture of a fella purchasing an AR-15 for silver. The fella owning the hands on the left is counting out ounces of silver to trade to the hands on the right, who is calculating the value of the various weights.


This fella bought this silver over the years when it was cheaper than it was now. He’s getting $31.70 per ounce towards his new AR-15. Since he almost certainly paid less for that silver than $31.70 a couple years ago, he’s actually paying less for the gun than if he pulled out greenbacks today. Don’t let anyone tell you that stockpiling gold or silver is a dumb idea.

Speaking of acquisitions, this wound up in my hands:


You can never have too many paperless Glocks with spare mags. Especially for the price I paid for it. Unfortunately, this particular G is of the 23 flavor, and while the G23 is a fine pistol I am a 9mm kinda guy and just dont have room in the safe for a .40 caliber. So….this being a sellers market, I shopped it around and sold it a few hours later. The guy I sold it to got a good deal since I like him and want to see him have the tools he needs for facing the challenge of the current slide into dystopia. If this thing was 9mm, though…It’d be in the safe with the others. Ah well.

Spoke with a buddy of mine in the NYPD this evening who tells me that at roll call some folks actually announced that the cops needed to bring in their mags to be traded in for 7-shot mags. NY, as you know, passed a law that limits guns to magazines that hold no more than seven rounds. Trouble was, they forgot to add in the usual exemption for The Only Ones. Embarassing, that.

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