If Things Go Back To Normal I Will Buy….

This is from our buddy Ryan over at TSLRF.

Broadly speaking, if all this eventually blows over and there’s no hideous new gun control that prevents us from owning the thigns we can own now, what will you do differently?

Me, I’ve seen this movie before back in ’94. When ’04 rolled around I went out and made bloody sure to buy as much stuff as i could against the possibility of a repeat performance. BUT….I got complacent as the years went by. If all this blows over, I’m signing up for the Stripped AR Receiver Of The Month Plan. I’m just gonna call Stag, give them my debit card number, and have them automagically ship me a stripped lower (or two) every month. Like clockwork.

What about you?

30 thoughts on “If Things Go Back To Normal I Will Buy….

  1. Um I think you need to read the EO’s . . . One calls for the AG to review the classes of prohibited persons under the existing terrorism laws who are barred from purchasing firearms. AG Holder has already stated (and don’t tell me he came up with this in a week) that any person who is attempting to by an “assault” weapon whose sole purpose is the killing of large quantities of people “obviously” is a threat to the community and is therefore on his prohibited list. The next one calls for all mental health officials to question if there are firearms in the patients house, and then report this. And since the person is a patient of a mental health official they are therefore prohibited from firearms possession. The next one calls for all health care providers to question if firearms are present in a household. If so then the household is cut out of partication in the healthcare exchanges. Thanks HHS. There are also multiple ways they are putting together a national database of gun owners – defacto registration. See the above penalties being proposed. So we have defacto gun registration and confiscation. And did you catch the CDC regulations (since they are to study the causes of gun violence through yet another EO and promulgate regulations to reduce said violence) already announced to reduce gun violence? Basically a ban on the importation, manufacture, and sale of guns to non-governmental entities (for health reasons again). Obamacare is controlling every aspect of our lives already . .. Now since legislative veto has been destroyed by the Supreme Court to fight this you have to have multiple court cases against administrative regulations and get Scotus to rule on 23 EO’s and overturn all of them.

  2. I don’t know about ‘reciever of the month’ plan, but probably another two complete AR’s, and magazine…lots and lots and lots of magazines.

  3. Ammo. I hate digging into stored (hoarded) ammo not knowing what the future holds. Not as much fun to own all these cool guns if I’m too tight to shoot them. I also want to start getting my kids squared away. I’d like to get a couple of stripped
    AR lowers and a glock or two for each of them. Who knows what will be available when they are over 21. I have 8 kids from 5 to 17, so I have some work to do.

  4. In Sweden we are quite restricted in terms of firearms ownership. My long guns are all on a hunting license and are limited to a total number of six guns. I have three slots left. Considering the direction our gun laws are heading (the cabinet have a study going with the express purpose of looking into further restricting gun ownership) i would if economy permits like to get a HK SLB 2000 in .308 and as many magazines as i can afford before any further restrictions in our gun laws sets in.

  5. More 80% receivers. No record by .gov of purchase. Just a paper weight until completed. They work as well as the store-bought kind when finished, and can be finished with a drill press if necessary (owning a milling machine helps).

  6. all i need is .308 ammo, lots and lots of .308. well, some more links would be nice. yawl be sure not to forget thermite. melts stuff, big stuff. see ya on the line.

  7. Alternating cases of x39 and .223 every month I think.
    Along with 5 – 10 mags a month for whatever the caliber that month happens to be.

    Need some redundancy in the handgun department so more G19s and mags as often as possible.

  8. Your “lower of the month plan” is really not realistic unless you are just buying them for future profit. Lowers were $125. – 150. in my area until the shooting, now they are $300.00 (bought one for my son at last weekends gun show). I say it is not realistic because you can only shoot or carry one rifle at a time. Now if you have a big family or plan to arm your neighbors or use them as barter then more power to you. Otherwise buying lowers is a waste of money that could be used to buy ammo, food or a good knife. Ringers comment above is spot on. Got kids, now is the time to set them up. Ammo costs may come back down (.223 current average at $1000. at gun shows) so now is the time to buy empty brass. Most importantly we all need to be preparing and completing our wish/want/need lists before the next mass shooting takes place and things get even more tight/scarce/expensive.

    • “I say it is not realistic because you can only shoot or carry one rifle at a time.”

      I’m not sure how many rifles I can carry at one time has anything to do with it. Hmmm…by that same reasoning, my years supply of food is not realistic because I can only eat a few pounds of it at a time.

      • Well since we are discussing this…if you can stay in place(home) then you can stock and buy as much as you want, it’s your money. But whether in a stay at home fight or a “bug out” fight those 10 extra lowers don’t do much good sitting in your safe. In bad times you may have the lower but where are you going to get the rest? Uppers and buttstocks are getting short right now. If your lowers are not full up rifles when SHTF then you are SOL. For my family each member has an AR15, a 9mm, and a 12ga. Along with that I also have a .338 Lapua with an M1000 ART scope. If I have to leave in a hurry those guns will go with us along with some ammo. As is the case with most of us I also have a years supply of food. When SHTF half my food and ammo will be buried for safe keeping. I cannot possibily walk out with all of my food and ammo, just not practicle. My plans are to stay in place as long as possible, but I realize that if I have to leave on foot 95% of my preperations are useless. Buying lowers just to buy them is not smart or practicle, unless you are treating them as an investment. I cannot think of anyone that will give you a can of beans for a stripped lower when SHTF.

        • My plan to buy lowers is predicated on two ideas:

          First, that at some point the future acquisition of them will be impossible. Second, when that proscription occurs, the value of the rifles (or their component parts and assemblies) will be worth more.

          Since the lower with its serial number is the controlled part, once that lower is in your possession you’ve pretty much finished the most difficult part. All the other parts, no matter how scarce or of limited availability, are, for now, uncontrolled…meaning that things like the upper receivers, stocks, grips, etc, aren’t (currently) subject to being banned.

          Or, put another way, I can buy one AR right now for $1300 and in six months when they ban the further manufacture of them I’ll have one AR. Or, I buy 13 lower receivers for $100 each and start building them up as finances permit. In six months when they ban further manufacture, I’ve completed two guns but still have 11 lowers in various stages of completion. Since the ban targets ‘firearms’, and the rest of the parts I need aren’t firearms, I keep ordering the parts I need as time goes by. Eventually I have 13 complete rifles.

          Will anyone trade a can of beans for an AR lower once TSHTF? Maybe..if they have a pile of AR parts and no receiver. But they probably aren’t going to trade a can of beans for any other tangible item anyway unless they need it…thats how barter works. They may not need an AR lower, but they may not need gold, water purification tablets, matches, diapers, antibiotics or ammo either. But I’m not really caring since Im not buying AR lowers to trade for beans, I’m buying AR lowers to a) build into complete rifles and b) sell in moments of hysteria like this (and take my ‘obscene profit’ and turn my $100 stripped lower into $400 of freeze dried food and fuel cans).

          I suppose that if TSHTF somewhere in between that window of ‘buy AR lowers’ and ‘finish building rifle’ then there might be an issue, but that’s what the completed rifles already in my safe are for.

  9. 1. Buy spare parts for my Gocks and ARs
    2. Continue buying ammo
    3. Purchase more magpuls.
    4. Maybe purchase another AR or two
    5. Still plan on buying a suppressor for my Ruger 22/45 in short term.
    6. In 2013 will set a budget for these purchases so they do not keep getting pushed back for other purchases.

    I predict that within six months the market will be flood with ARs that were purchased on the panic buy and placed on credit cards that now have to be payed off. So have some cash on hand to make private purchases at the gun shows in 6 months. Some good deals on the way. It will be a buyers market!

  10. If things ever get back to “normal” I will add another 10/22, 5k .22 rounds, another AR, another M1A, another AK, get the permits for some suppressors, lay in a stock of center fire ammo and finally increase my food and medical supplies.

  11. Spam cans of ammo, they last the longest
    More rimfire ammo and conversion kit for the Glock
    Lots of Magazines
    Couple of spare lowers and I like the idea of the 80 percent lowers
    and a 50 cal rifle, well just because I can and it will make Feinstein cry

  12. OK, go easy on me here, I’m a greenhorn when it comes to ARs…

    Why the need for multiple receivers? Are they prone to breakage, extreme wear, etc?

    (Hand up) Professor?

    • The stripped receiver by it’s lonesome is the part with the serial number on it. As far as .gov is concerned, that little chunk of metal is the rifle. Since that little stripped receiver is only $100, you can buy a bunch of them and then build them into complete rifles later since all the other parts are, at this time, uncontrolled. So, if you wanted to hedge your bets and have ten AR-15’s, you would buy ten stripped lowers for, say, $100o. All the other parts can be bought through the mail or ‘over the counter’ with no paperwork or hassle. So for $1000 you’ve got 10 AR-15 ‘embryos’ that can later be grown into full AR rifles.

      • Agreed, but now is the time to buy the parts. Focus on the stuff that isn’t controlled because that’s where the prices are still sane. If you can’t find 10 stripped lowers to buy, then buy 10 LPK, 10 stocks, etc. You’ll probably always be able to get at least your cost back selling or trading those if you don’t use them for builds.

  13. Probably not much, as I learned my lessons four years ago when the previous election frenzy began as you mentioned. Over four years ago, lower receivers, .223 ammo and .22 shells, popular reloading powders, primers and components etc. were near scarce where I live and at popular suppliers. I stocked up on everything afterwards, including high cap mags for all my weapons over the last few years as I could possibly afford. I listened to others whom were more experienced than I at the time and took the advice promptly. I have prepared as much as I can and have prepared along the lines similarly as the commander for over six years and spent much time, money and effort, as I lack some things like antibiotics, seeds and continuously invest in silver when possible. Yes, we love to have more of everything and hoard as much as possible, but where does this end? It does not end, once you become serious about prepping. Some began prepping before others; some have more available funds and knowledge. We all try our best; just prioritize our needs, making a wish list. I began reading the book series “299 Days”, into the third book; I highly recommend. If I was smart, I would sell my house, pull all my life savings and retirement and head for the hills and build a fortress, watch the village idiots on satellite TV for entertainment, shoot some beer cans and drink whisky; maybe be a little irresponsible for once and watch this great country fall apart or? Write your local politicians and receive response letters from them stating they support the proposed bans. Wrote approximately 10 letters or so, similar responses from all, indicating they support any and all bans across the board. Time to procure some 8 inch PVC pipe, cap fittings and glue for insurance. Invest in metal detectors boys. I really wanted a new Harley this year, instead I may buy an enclosed 7×14 cargo trailer, stuff it full of my prep supplies, chain it to a tree along side of my house and hook it up to my truck just before the fireworks explode. I hope this all passes utilizing common sense, but somehow that doesn’t seem logical these days. Hang in there guys and hope you all get everything you wished!!

    • Here’s another recommendation for the 299 Days series of books. I’ve finished 1-4 and am waiting on the next ones to be released.

      Yes, they are on the expensive side for their size but I feel that they’re worth it.


  14. Well my comments are already on the record. Picked up a stripped lower today. Eventually when funds allow that embryo will turn into a pistol. My next priorities will be ammunition when it is available at sane prices. Two cases of .223 and another case of 9mm. A few mags would be nice but are not essential. If things calm down to the point where I can pick up stripped lowers via PP for $100 or so a couple will go into the safe.

  15. As wildbill suggested, you might consider getting the 80% paperweights, and buying a small vertical mill or mill/drill. (a small cnc mill would be even better.) This would get you a piece of equipment that would pay for itself, and give you the capability to make or modify parts for guns, cars, bicycles, etc. Something to do on cold winter nights, instead of watching videos.
    A local shop has “build parties” several times a month, where you bring in your paperweight, and use their cnc mill. Cost $60 for each one, essentially for equipment rental. Some people brought multiples. You could check with your local machine shops, and see if one might be interested in this sort of work. Probably need to have two fixtures made to hold the part for the pocket area, and the side pin holes. A program would need to be written for the cnc. I wonder if there would be enough interest in the 80% units in your area to justify getting involved in it? I didn’t count, but guess there might have been 15 units done that evening I went with a friend.

  16. Ditto as far as previous comments.
    My plan is “screw normal”. I’m buying next those things they haven’t quite gotten around to outright banning yet.
    I want better NOD, and a civvie IR/DBAL laser. Some concealable IIIA kevlar to augment the nonconcealable kevlar and plates already on hand. A goodly supply of fish antibiotics, just in case I ever decide to start an aquarium and parakeet collection. And definitely bulking up reloading capability. Stuff like that. Along with a quiet parcel further from the madding hordes here in the Granola State. (And no, much as I admire the splendor and populace of IdaWyoMonTexorado, I ain’t leaving here unless it’s feet first. I’ve invested everything but missing body parts to see socialism’s fall here, and I’ll live to see it yet or die trying. I’ve damned well earned the right, and paid for it by the moneybag. Someone wants to see what the Gran Torino Welcome Wagon looks like in the shadow of the Matterhorn, come across my lawn looking for evil black rifles.)

    If, IF, things ever get to “normal”, my no-BS plan is to invest some quality time outside of work enrolled in the milling and welding portions of the local voc/occ-ed institute sufficient for certificates and rudimentary expertise in both, and to start leveraging a decent white-collar salary into a tidy and well-equipped metal shop.

    Because I can’t see a reason not to master the ability to pound and mill sheet and solid metal stock into all sorts of interesting items. You know…for jewelry and custom knife-making…of course.

  17. Woulda, shoulda, coulda…Famous last words. Yeah, for the past year, R Guns had the Deleware Machinery AR lowers for $65. Wanted to pick up a few for just this very reason. Oh well, hindsight…

    For myself, I really wanted to add two more to the collection. The first being the PTR91-GI. I picked up one the CIA “Franken-G3’s” a few years ago and went heavy on mags. First were the package deals from Sportsman’s Guide (I think it was a dozen mags, 6 mag pouches and the cleaning kit), then CTD had them for 0.97 a piece, so I ordered 100. Really wished I had picked up that rifle when I had the chance (and when it was still south of a grand).

    The other item, one of those MAC 10 clones from Velocity or Masterpiece in .45. I know, it’s a range toy and has no real “practical” application. But, I’ve wanted one ever since I saw “Escape from New York”.

    Mags. Lotsa mags. I actually commented a few weeks ago about how proud I’ve been with my purchases for the past year or so, only buying when I found a really good deal. For instance, a week before CT, I received a dozen C Products AR15 mags from AIM…for $8.49 a piece. I would have bought more, but that was all my budget would allow (sorry folks, I don’t buy on credit). Last year I picked up a Draco for $385 and a Yugo M70AB2 for $430. Just saw a guy on Armslist selling a Draco for $2300! Insanity…

    So, when all the dust settles, keep your eyes and ears open. There will be deals to be had. Be ready to pounce…

  18. Not much for me, I learned my lesson in ’08 so I’m pretty well good to go. Right now I am focusing on no-paperwork 12-ga shotguns with reasonable prices. Mossberg 500, Remington 870, etc. They’re always in demand and a 12-ga shotgun is hard to beat for all around purposes other than concealed carry.

    I regret not grabbing a .50 BMG upper last year when I had the cash but not a big deal…I did stock up on the primers and got a good deal on a whole mess of once-fired milsurp brass that I’m stashing for a rainy day.

    Taking the dollar cost averaging approach going forward, I’m always going to pick up mags, junk silver and bulk box .22LR when and wherever I can. I don’t see prices trending low on any of that stuff any time soon. Waiting until prices “get better” on some misguided notion that you’re standing on principle is pretty stupid. Over time, everything is going up in price. Buy things people will always need and stash them. If you’re concerned about price gouging, focus on the tangible stuff that people will always need but is still reasonable.

  19. Commander Zero and other readers,

    Y’all have some great comments and insights into what to do now and in the future (If things return to ‘normal’), so I’d like to add some of my ideas if it doesn’t return to normal.

    First, some bias.

    I believe the SKS rifle is the best rifle for most preppers because the SKS is a robust semiautomatic weapon that needs very little additional equipment. Add a sling, some kind of ammunition pouch and it’s ready to go. Stripper clips would be nice, but folks can still do a quick reload without them.

    The same goes for the .357 magnum revolver. Add a holster and a couple of speedloaders (and ammunition, of course) and it’s ready to be carried for defense. Plus, the revolver can also shoot .38 special rounds, too.

    Needless to say, both the SKS rifle and the .357 magnum revolver use popular and readily available cartridges, for now.

    So, …

    Like boodaman, MikeM, Jane of Virginia, and others said, I would recommend stocking up on stuff that isn’t in short supply like a SKS rifle and a .357 magnum revolver for you, your partner, and any current or future children. Grandparents might want to buy one for the grandkids, too.

    Add to the ammunition supply as you are able. Depending on your budget, a couple boxes of 7.62X39 one month then a couple boxes of .357mag and/or.38 special the next month will do for now. Add a couple 1000 round cases, if you’re able for both weapons, but don’t go crazy.

    For the long-term prepper, y’all might add some spare parts for your SKS rifles and the brand of revolver y’all are carrying and some more ammo, just in case.

    However, …

    After all is said and done, we still need to be writing the federal, state, and local elected representatives to make sure ‘it’ will return to normal.

    Peace, Someone You Know

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