The Year of The Weasel II

Amazing..since there are, to my knowledge, no 7-round mags for them, every non-cop Glock in NY state just became a single-shot gun.*

* Well, they have generously given the owners one year to get rid of the mag.

20 thoughts on “The Year of The Weasel II

  1. If Glock, Springfield, Ruger, Remington et al have any balls, they’ll go all Ronnie Barrett on NYS and refuse to sell, supply, repair or service any firearms of more than single shot possessed by any federal or state agencies located in NY state until further notice, and embargo all factory magazines and parts statewide; and every manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer would refuse to supply any municipal agency within the state’s boundaries with so much as a single round of ammunition, nor any components, reloading gear, etc.

    And if the NRA wasn’t a bunch of p-whipped candy-assed weasels theyselves, they’d be the ones calling on the aforementioned companies and intermediaries to embargo the entire state until hell freezes over unless they rescind their asinine schemes. It’s way past time for gun owners to let manufacturers know once and for all, they’re either with us, or they’re with our enemies, and the time for choosing a side is now.

    If they want a gun free state, let’s start by applying it to the cops in that state.

    It won’t be nearly as funny if @$$clowns like Bloomberg and Cuomo have to rely on security details armed solely with batons, tasers, and pepper spray, except to those of us who wish them luck with that plan.

    • That is a great idea and I’d like to see more of the ‘Atlas Shrugged’ type voluntary non-participation from our nations companies. I couldn’t believe that they all rolled over for Sarbanes-Oxley and all of the crap that came after that.

    • NICE POST, GOOD PLAN. I guess spouting off helps relieve the tension. All real Americans, have decided what they will do when the time comes.( they can have my gun etc. etc.) Me, to show defiance, I’m not gonna clean my guns before I turn them in!

  2. There will be those who say NO, and hide them.

    There will be a handful of politically ‘touchable’ people who get their homes raided in force, very publicly, on TV, to have weapons confiscated. These will be pilloried as examples to the flock.

    There will be those (and this will be the majority) who grumble, piss, and moan…. and sell their property out of state like good little sheeple.

    There will be a glut of Glocks and other weapons on the used market for a few years, feeding into the buying frenzy going on now. Large amounts of money will move around the landscape, with New York being the largest loser in the game.

  3. Kind of hypocritical of them not to buy back those evil magazines and instead, force them out into the world to unleash their obvious murderous intent.
    Seriously though, some enterprising person will come up with a magazine stop or a new design. After all, we must aid our brothers trapped behind the lines….

  4. Rest assured, whoever decided on seven as the magic number of rounds per magazine knew exactly what they were doing.

    If I were a NY state resident, I would spend the next year figuring out a plan to relocate my family to free America.

  5. That may have been the point. Additionally, those manufacturers that couldn’t sell their 7 rounds 1911 mags for the same price as the 8 rounders, now have a customer base.

  6. well a new yorker should drill his ass with seven rounds and see if he feels it made a dif. or better yet let 4 goons in body armor run through his door and give him a sixshooter.

    • Not bloody likely. I’d suggest checking that source off your “reliable” list.
      If they’d gone that route, why not allow 30 round magazines as long as you only loaded seven rounds?

      Knowing the tender understanding and patriotic gun-loving of the usual statspolizei involved, an 8 round magazine will probably be good for 5 years hard time.

  7. I have not read the bill text but I have seen it reported that they forgot to put a law enforcement exemption into the magazine capacity bill.

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