KSG Price increase

And in other hysteria-related news, KelTec just announced a $300 increase in the price of their KSG shotgun. Their rationale is that since it is specifically named in Feinsteins ban bill, they need to recover the development costs before theyre forbidden from making any more of them.

It’s an interesting gun, but its no Remington 1740 (thats 870 x 2).

ETA: So much for only semi-automatics being targetted, eh?

20 thoughts on “KSG Price increase

  1. And I thought they were high when I finally say one for sale in November (before all this nonsense). The dealer told me “the current bid is $1900.” I didn’t even pick it up. I thought my 1100 Tac 4 was expensive.

  2. Gonna be interesting if the lightbringer goes splat on his gun control ban. Hi Cap Mag’s gone? Prolly. Shutdown of gunshows, prolly but an irritant. Black markets will take over that, imho. Gun ban? Undecided but minimal with no registration and with grandfather clause.
    The Marxist in chief knows we’re here, we’re armed and ready to create millions and millions of guerrilla actions in protest.
    On another note, Evil black rifle 30 round mags are avail but yer gonna pay for em. $18.70 ea to be exact.

    Yer Welcome

  3. A bullpup shotgun. Pretty cool.

    At what length does the barrel length (Powder burn time versus friction) of a 12 ga become counter productive I wonder? They used to have those 20 foot long duck guns until they banned them. If they did a pull pup version it would only be 18 feet long.

  4. Interesting, The reviews I have seen on them tend to be iffy. Considering the gun rags (which run on advertising from gun companies) tend to be pretty positive it seems like this gun has some issues.

    Also for the prices I have seen them selling for one could easily get a Benelli M1 which is semi auto and will actually run.

  5. So, the keltec shotgun will be sold in excess of $2200.00…Good luck with that..The M.R.S.P. on their website stated $880.00, so nearly 3 times that sounds like a great sales move! Way to go keltec D-Bags. JOE.

  6. It is crazy everywhere! Went to a local gun show and the prices were ridiculous! I just went to watch and look! Vendors were asking crazy prices and people were paying! Ya try and tell your friends to stock up before things get out of hand, guess only a few ever listen!

    Stay safe all!!

  7. Im still leaning to the idea that the ban will stall and they will move on. I have no doubt Obumer and his Obots would love a ban, I just get the feeling they don’t want to use political capitol on this venture. I think bigger plans are in the works further down the road.

    And to point out he is backing away from the previous statements about executive order and he is not beating the drum for the Finstine bill. I think he would like a distraction and fade on to other pet peaves. Also notice Biden is backing away from the ban idea his last statement no mention was made of a gun ban just HI-cap magazine bans.

    I could be wrong! but my gut is saying dont sell the silver for gun stuff……..That could be just because silver is in a slump though.

  8. Looks like the actual wording of the bill hasn’t been posted anywhere yet, at least I can’t find it. And, of course, it’s not officially a bill until it gets introduced. Which it hasn’t yet.

    Since the KSG is tube feed, not semi-auto, and U.S. production it seems odd that it would be on a ban list. We’ll see, I guess.

      • Most of the “we gotta ban that” talk has centered around semi-autos with detachable box magazines. So, I’m curious why a tube feed pump would make the list.

        • Because it’s scary looking. Not to mention it holds lots of rounds and is short. Plus the fact that lots of peons want them so they MUST be banned!


  9. Let’s please stop, Stop, STOP falling into the trap of trying to come at the mechanics of a gun ban logically. Logic is what we use. Gun banners run on their “feeeeeewings” and bile.
    The only logic that matters is that they want to tell you what you can’t have, which, ideally for the control-freak tyrants, is ANYTHING.
    The key word in gun control is “control”. The rest is just details.

    But I’m leaning along with Buck that this is just the latest tempest in a teapot. Their goal is to always stir the pot, but I don’t think they’re seeing an avalanche of support anywhere for this idea, and they have zero political capital (virtual and actual $$) to waste on the quixotic quest this would turn into. I think the proof of how unserious this was was when Hopey Dopey dropped the whole turdbomb in Joey Biden’s lap, and walked away to catch the bowl games and NFL playoffs.

    Feinswine’s just shy of a million years old, and outside of Schumer and a couple of fanatic pro-ban cranks in the House, no one’s going down in flames to try to relive the glory days of AWB I. Everybody remembers the eelctoral math of the 1994 mid-terms, and no one wants another 90 (or 200) Tea Party congressmen moving into the House in 2 years. That wouldn’t just upset the Dems’ applecart, it would seriously impede the RINOs, and we can’t be having any of that. It might lead to an actual House Speaker, as opposed to the Village Crybaby we have now.

    Go Frodo: move when Sauron’s gaze is somewhere else. Concentrate on the things they aren’t paying attention to, and which haven’t seen their prices jacked to Oz by idiots rushing in with more dollars than sense. E.g. kevlar vests, Level III/IV hard plates, quality IR & thermal gadgets, lasers, “pet” antibiotics, NBC/CBRN gear, etc. Stuff that’s valuable, not easily replaced/substituted for, and not up for being banned per the whims of the moment. Let the fury and panic buying subside, and start cherry-picking some new converts from amongst those not-quite-just-in-time recent weapons purchasers. Remember the enemy’s motto: “never let a crisis go to waste”.

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