A few days ago I ordered this little jewel. After waiting very impatiently for the Big brown Truck O’ Happiness:

IMG_0578200 lumens may have been a bit much. (Said in the same tone as “Think you used enough dynamite there, Butch?”) But, nothing kills like overkill, right? I’d been wanting a tactical light for one of my 870′s for a while but just couldn’t get myself to pull the trigger (see what I did there?) on getting one.

Brightness? Holy Crom..imagine painting the interior of the sun white, filling it full of magnesium and setting it off just as the sun goes supernova *and* the universe suddenly hit’s the exact moment the expand/contract cycle switches. It’s 10x that bright. I think I could strip the paint off the side of house with it.

I paid a few extra bucks and got the model with the constant/temporary/lockout switches. While it’s nice being able to light up your target, there are times when having the light on your shotgun light up might be a terminally Bad Thing…so, a lockout switch.

And I learned something very interesting. You don’t need to buy a forend wrench for the 870..(although the SureFire light came with one)…the 870 has one built in . The slide assembly, apparently, can double as a forend wrench. Now, I would only use that as a last resort since if you have a tight forend you might bugger up the slide assembly and then you’d be up the creek. So, get a tool. BUT…in a crisis, you can use the slide assembly.

I’m sure the Matt Foley* survivalists would say that this is just more expensive yuppie gun toys and that anyone on a “working man’s” wages could just duct tape a $4.00 made-in-China flashlight to the side of the barrel on their $125 Mosin Nagant and achieve the same effect and have plenty of money left over for more 7.62x54R ammo. Who needs a ‘fancy’ light on their gun, anyway?

Uhm..I do. It’s dark 50% of the time and when I have to go snooping around in it I don’t want to have to rely on a Stalin-era fencepost with a ChinaMart flashlight taped to it. Since I can afford to get a purpose-built piece of quality gear, why wouldn’t I?

* = The guys who think all you need to survive the apocalypse is to live in a van (or travel trailer) down by the river.

10 thoughts on “Upgrade!

  1. I look at high output lights on a weapon as a last ditch attempt to convince someone to stop what they’re doing before they get shot.

    I’ve got a basic setup on two long guns but with a similar level of output and have messed with it at night in the boonies some. DAMN! I can see as far away as I’m likely to take a shot.


      • I would not employ the rubber rounds. The law says you must be in fear of your life to utilize lethal force. You are trying to split the difference, and court will crucify you for using a specialized “non-lethal” police crowd control round, if you actually injure/maim someone. This is along the line of firing “warning” shots. Not legal, normally.

        200 lumens will not seem that bright when you get older. Docs say you need three x as much light at age fifty than you do at age twenty. I wish I had found some of those $20 500 Lumen tactical flashlights at Home Despot. Maybe they’ll bring them back.

  2. My rifle has a surefire on it. That is the first choice for defensive long guns around here. Got a TLR-1 waiting to go onto a Glock when I get around to buying a holster or two that will accommodate that package (which is on the short list).

    A shotgun with a light would be nice. However until I can think of a (defensive/ offensive) scenario where I prefer a shotgun to a rifle it will stay on the long list.

      • Well, I’ve got lights on 2 long guns (had to add rails of course) but no lights for my railed pistols.

        Then again, the only gun with tritium is the shotgun with a light so my priorities might be a little off, lol


  3. A half dollar works pretty well as a takedown tool, too, with no risk of buggering up anything you care about. :-)

  4. I’ve worked with Surefires on M4s, 870s, and multiple handguns, and in every circumstance, my only wish was that they’d come out 30 years earlier. I still remember the first time I acquired one, and wondered if they could really be all that bright compared to, say, a fully juiced Mag-Charger, so why not briefly check it out… Thirty minutes later, as the purple spot in my vision began to fade back to normal colors, I was convinced. The ONLY thing I ever found more fun than dazzlingly blinding potential miscreants at gunpoint (thus making them far less lethal than they’d planned) was flipping the IR filter over the light source while my guys and I were equipped with PVS-7 goggles.
    Better than Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak or Bilbo’s One Ring that was, IMHO.

    We equip ourselves with cutting edge tools like that
    a) because we can, and
    b) because we SHOULD.

    Come the Zombie Apocalypse, people outfitted with three-quarter-century-old Russian truck parts hammered out by vodka-sloshed peasants under the watchful eye of vodka-sloshed commissars will fare better than the totally unequipped, and far worse than everybody else, especially those equipped with items from this century. The only excuse for buying really old and obsolete stuff is either economy of Necessity (you can’t afford anything better at the moment) or economy of Scale (you’re buying 100 of them to form your own partisan company, which you’ve actually organized, and THEY can’t afford anything better; or you found a great deal on TWO of them, plus a literal semi-trailer load of reliable ammunition). Buying them becase you think they’re BETTER is like using wooden mallet and stone chisels instead of electric and pneumatic DeWalts and Makitas to build a house, as if you were going to carve your chalet of stone like they did 500 years ago, and the mallet and chisel were only $4.95 on sale. Unless you have a pharoah- or duke-sized collection of slave/peasant workers owing your fealty, and a quarry of handy granite or limestone, you aren’t buying the pyramids or Warwicke Castle, you’re just relegating yourself to using washed up old crap for which even the Russians couldn’t think of a use.

    Well done on the purchase.

  5. I have a Surefire G2 mounted on my pump gun of choice, I prefer it on the scattergun for the “press-light” ability. Makes “sweeping” the yard with just a few flashes very easy and saves the non-rechargeable CR123 batteries.

    I mounted a twin of my EDC Maglite XL150 to my M4gery for yard or CQ. While I lost the single flash, I gained 150/75 and strobe ability. (Warning: Strobe only indoors when you REALLY know your way around other wise YOU end up dazzled.) Using rechargeable AAA batteries and sharing the commonality of parts with the one on my belt combined with Maglite’s lifetime warranty and $30 tag (as opposed to $65 each per Surefire) made it a decent compromise.

    Still have the 6P in the rifle BOB as backup.

    Looks like a good purchase! I need to standardize and get an 870 like the rest of my group =(

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