Year end website stats and other admin stuff that you might find amusing

I only started keeping stats in July, so this info is really for only half the year…from July to now.

The ten most popular posts, in terms of pageviews:

  1. Guns As Investments – This post is usually in the top rankings every month. I have no idea why. I think it got backlinked at way too many sites. I don’t agree 100% with it any more, and I have some slightly altered views on the subject, but this post got the most attention this year.
  2. Gear – Estwing Tomahawk – Another post that I ididnt think was anything special but it must have hit a nerve somewhere. It gets a lot of hits.
  3. Link – DIY Face Armour – This one is very recent, yet is third for the year. It got linked from and that made a huge difference.
  4. A Month Of Living On A Zero Based Budget – One of my best posts this year, I think. If I had to point to a post that I thought was thought-provoking and accessible enough for just about anyone to experience on their own, this is it.
  5. Gerber Downrange Tomahawk - The internet loves the ‘hawk.
  6. Jerry Cans From Lexington Container – Another recent post that got plenty of traction. I shoulda got a commission from those guys…or at least a couple free cans.
  7. Spot the OPSEC fail - This is one of those short posts I just whip out without any real thought and somehow it winds up getting a lot of hits. Go figure. I guess pictures of money are always good for webstats.
  8. HK Flare Guns and Ammo – This is another post that is in the top ten every month, month after month. Probably because the title is almost the exact phrase youd type into a search engine…all the referrals are from search engines, so thats probably it.
  9. Link – Lvl. Iv plate for $155 – Another short post that struck a nerve.
  10. Craigslist Find – Everyone loves a Hardigg case. Everyone loves a deal. Everyone loves pic-heavy posts.

Hits from the US = 93.49% of traffic, Canada = 1.51% of traffic, the remaining 5% are from everywhere else.

Upper Mexico Texas accounts for 9.34% of all traffic and makes them top of the list, followed by California, Florida, Washington and Virginia..

The most referrals or links to this site come from:


Donations received through the PayPal button at the top right of the page for 2012? Fifty bucks.

95,057 people visited this site
Visits: 240,883
Unique Visitors: 95,057
Pages / Visit: 1.55
Avg. Visit Duration: 00:01:47
Bounce Rate: 72.27%
% New Visits: 39.22%
It’ll be interesting to check these stats next year and see how they’ve changed.

8 thoughts on “Year end website stats and other admin stuff that you might find amusing

  1. fifty bucks! man that sucked so bad, i had to match it. COME ON FOLKS, ANTE UP. he ain’t doing this for his health you know. show some love if you can afford it, otherwise you’re just part of the free shit army :)

    • Well, I’m not a dummy….I won’t say no to money that comes my way….BUT, I am kinda doing this for free. Once every couple of years I put the arm on people to pay for bandwidth but thats really about it. The rest of the time I figure the donation button can sit there quietly without me always pointing to it.

      Money that doesnt go to bandwidth goes to gear for me to review, by the by. If I actually pimped this place HARD and ended every post with a plea for money, I’d feel awfully obligated to be far morpe informative and entertaining than I already am and I don’t think I could handle that kind of responsibility.

      • lol, don’t sell yourself short. you do a valuable service,but i get what you are saying, and respect that…well, buy some gear and get reviewing then :)

  2. Whats this “Upper Mexico” thing.

    This NOT upper Mexico, This is Texas! (paraphrasing the a line from the movie “300”)

    We have been killing border insurgents, indians and other bandits since before “Lewis and Clark” crossed the Missisipi rivier and before any white man even set foot in the territory that became Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho.

    Everyone is making a big deal of all this border violence crap. It ain’t nothing new. Ranches down here in South Texas used to have ‘ Gatling Guns” and every man worth his salt was (is) armed to the teeth.

    Dont Mess with Texas.

    • Yeah, theres always something…..I usually dont track down where the hits come from unless the post is something noteworthy or if the spike in hits is really pronounced (75%+ higher than normal.) Being pretty much one of the oldest continuing preparedness blogs out there (going on ten years in 2013) I figure I must be bookmarked quite a bit.

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