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Local gunshop had one of those big cylindrical drink coolers on their floor..you know the kind, you see ‘em at 7-11 filled with ice and a few bottles of pop in ‘em…anyway, they had one that looked like a ginat shotgun shell and it was filled with AR mags. Guy walks in, bought the whole darn thing. Everyy one of ‘em. Go figure.

Other weirdness…one of my vendors emailed me today that they somehow have come up with 1000 Steyr AUG magazines. WTF???? How do you just magically discover a buncha AUG magazines in your warehouse? I suspect that almost anyone buying those will be buying them on speculation since the number of guns taking AUG mags is pretty low.

I’m getting tired of answering the phone here with people asking if I have any 5.56 ammo or ARs. Part of me wants to scream at them “You had eight years to buy them, dumbass!” The trickle down theory is in effect too….No guns? Get mags! No mags? Get ammo! No ammo? Get components! No components? Get primers! Expect primer availability to plunge as well.

I’ve seen this movie before, back in ’94, so I know what to expect. This is why when the ban sunsetted in ’04 I tried to get everything I could. On some things, I did really well (like the 500+ G3 mags I have for our PTR rifles) and some things I wish I had more of (never enough Glock 9mm’s.) But at least I’m not among the idiots who suddenly realized that there might really be an end to their availability of decent rifles.

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  1. heck i can’t even find 22lr or 38 ammo now…..yeah i’m gettting calls from buds. i say i told you so. their new 30k bass boat was more important i guess. i hope they can fish like hell, or they’re going hungry soon. if you have cash now, buy FOOD!!!! dockworkers strike. nuff said.

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    Nations Capital Gun Show AAR
    I just got back from the Nations Capital gun show that is running this weekend in Northern Virginia. This is the largest DC area gun show. I got there 75 minutes before they opened the doors (earlier than normal). When I got in the paid line, it stretched over 500 yards behind the expo building. By the time the doors opened at 3 PM, the line was twice as long. When I left at 5 PM, the line still stretched behind the building. This was probably 2X to 3X more crowded than the previous record crowd (for the show that was the weekend after Obama initially got elected).

    Prices were insane. AR-15s were between $1800 and $3,000+ each. One seller had three stripped AR-15 lowers for $550 each. Semi-auto AK-47 variants were $1500 to $2000 each. .223 ammo was $1 per round (paid $389 for a 1000 rd case 2 weeks ago; going rate was $1000 per case at the show). AR-15 mags were typically $25 to $30 each; AK mags $15 (plastic) to $40 each. Magazines, ammo, and reloading supplies were selling well. So were pistols and to a lesser extent battle rifles but the insane prices seemed to curb demand.

    The most interesting rumor was that the US government placed orders for 20+ million AR-15 / M4 / M16 bolt carrier group assembly parts from all of the major manufacturers in the US and that there is a shortage of AR-15 bolts.

  3. This just goes to show why the average American should not be in the stock market too. Prices start to drop, they sell; prices start to rise, they buy like crazy because they might miss out.

    I have several friends who right now are not calling because I already told them where the sales were and advised them to buy a few a month until they felt like they had enough. The only ones I deal with now are the ones who listened, some without agreeing with me at the time. Now, they understand.

    I agree with “riverrider”. Okay, you missed it with the AR’s and the magazines. Wait, things will work out. Now is the time to look at your other preps, food, equipment, etc, and get them squared away! Or you may find yourself in the mad rush at Walmart trying to buy 6 months of food in one trip. Good luck with that!

  4. In defense of the younger generation of morons trying to be ARs and mags and such, we never really felt the effects of the AWB, so for us it’s always been the good life… I have a vague memory of my father talking about 30 round mags being banned… But as soon as I was old enough to both buy guns, and have the extra cash there was plenty of guns, ammo, and mags to be had. That being said, if they paid attention to their history they probably could/should have seen something like this happening, and stocked up accordingly. I’m not particularly happy with where I’m at, but I don’t quite have the need to panic buy either.

  5. When I found out that Brownells sold out of 3.5 yrs of AR mags in 72 hrs I gave up on buying new mags. I was far behind the curb, and I knew ammo was also out of the question.

    Since I know you won’t post this repo w/o an email… I throw this out there.

    How much did our hated “Doomsday Preppers” make everyone look to the local gun store and empty the the shelves?

    Again I am here with the help of Tor. You do good work CZ, just let some of us who are saine comment with Tor

  6. I’ve been thinking, I’m pretty well squared away on 2nd Amendment stuff, but just the thought that I might not be able to get what I want down the road makes me second guess myself. Just the idea that some anonymous people tell me I can’t have something makes me want it even if I already have it or don’t even need it. I know there is a lot of panic buying, but I think there is a good amount of “you can’t tell me what I can and cannot have” buying. I pulled the trigger (pun intended) on an x-91 drum mag just over last weekend. I had already determined that I didn’t really need one and there were better uses for $229. Just the thought that someone would even think of telling me I can’t have one and I may never be able to buy one again, made me buy it. I think it is maybe a way of fighting back against what people see as injustice. Kind of a rebellion by wallet so to speak. If every gun owner wrote every “congress-critter” and voiced our displeasure over this nonsense, do you think it would make a difference? I don’t. If they can possibly get the votes to pass this, they’ll do it and the people be damned. Maybe the only way to fight this is to just buy stuff. For me, buying a 50 rd drum mag was a very tangible way to “do something”. It might be panic, it might be ineffective, it may even be immature, but I felt better after I bought it. Whatever it was, it is still pretty cool to have 50 rds of 7.62 ready to rock even if I don’t really need it! In the end, whatever my reasons, it was my choice, not some politician telling me “no”.

    • Actually, the whole issue here is about CONTROL….who is in charge and who can make other folks dance to their tune – the above poster is reacting to a govt. entity that proposes more controls on something and the natural response is ‘oh, no you don’t!’ ….

      The govt. realizes that they cannot anticipate such deadly events such as happened in Newtown – but in order to maintain an air of ‘doing something,’ they exert more stringent controls that only moral, law-abiding folks will obey, most grudgingly….there will still be evil out there which will keep trying to find an out and it will start all over again….. until the control paradigm is broken…..

      This is not an original thought on my part, here, better written by others of late – but just an observation as to why this young man is acting the way he has about the magazines and such. If my family had not been preparing for the last several years, I would feel the same way….and act accordingly….

      Best, Redclay7 12/29

    • “Maybe the only way to fight this is to just buy stuff”
      ” In the end, whatever my reasons, it was my choice, not some politician telling me “no”.

      I could not agree more on your statements.

  7. This is reminding me quite a bit of 2008/2009 except this time I’m getting asked more about what to get. I’ve had ONE friend who actually got his butt moving a couple weeks back and picked up a good AR but now he’s trying to score mags and ammo.

    I’ve probably had half a dozen friends, family and co-workers ask me what they should get (or where to get it). I usually start with “Right now the question is what’s available”. Past that I’ve just started re-sending an email with my recommendations so I don’t have to re-type it all.

    I refuse to dip into my stash of mags for others in anything short of a passed and working ban (and then it’d just be a few for close friends and family). But I’m also keeping my ear open for any deals good enough for me to pick up some more items to tuck away. But right now I’m trying to be a good person and leave what little is available for the grasshoppers.

    I do think this will be a good year to work on medical supplies and food storage plus some alternative power and light options.


  8. To my utter amazement, my local coin shop is still selling junk silver at 22 times face value. A damn good deal in light of what congress is *not* going to accomplish in the next 48 hours.

  9. I saw magazines at the local gun store for a hundred bucks, used mil-surp AR mags, glock mags, xd etc all a C note or more. Surefire mags were 250. Funny thing was they still had glocks at the normal price so by their pricing you got 300 dollars of magazines and the pistol for 250. On a personal note I sent an email to my friends saying I had been telling them for years to buy an AR and mags etc and not to ask me to sell any of mine.

  10. I guess it is relative. For my place in life I’m pretty content with our 2A preparations so to speak. Have found a few things I needed to ‘sprint through the finish’ so to speak. Sure a reasonably prices stripped lower would be nice but I would also like to find a $15 Scotch that tastes just like Glenlivet.

  11. Though what’s going to be interesting is if supply catches up with demand, prices drop, no ban actually materializes (I know, it’s a stretch), and people with 50 dollar PMags start wondering WTF??? when they see other folks buying ‘em at 14 dollars…..

    OTOH, one can always hope that the guy with the 2,000 dollar AR will be a LITTLE more willing to at least write nasty letters to his legislator who’s thinking about banning it…..

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