Veteran of Mayan Apocalypse Ribbon, with device

Well, I guess I earned some serious survivalist cred…you did too. We survived the Mayan Apocalypse!

I was hoping to find some sort of service-ribbon generator online, but no luck.

But, hey, us veterans of the apocalypse don’t need ribbons and medals, right? We were there!

5 thoughts on “Veteran of Mayan Apocalypse Ribbon, with device

  1. I want one for the Mayan A., the last two E.O.T.Ws predicted by that shriveled up old fundamentalist preacher, two from failed predictions of Elizabeth Claire Prophet of the Church Universal and Triumphant (I was in Bozeman for both of those), Y2K , the Harmonica Convention (Harmonic Convergence?), and the Comet Kohoutec. I’d have fruit salad like David Petraeus if I had all those.

  2. If you can’t trust the Doomsday Predictions (or broken calendar) of a 2,000 year old dead civilization – who can you trust? Maybe somebody was at the door. “Spaniards? Who the hell are Spaniards? Ok let em in anyway. But be quick, I gotta finish this thing”

  3. Due to under whelming support, I have delaied the Apocalisp. This weekend we’re having A money bomb. So if you meet my unstated goal I’ll delay it even longer . Keep them dollars coming.

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