Sign of the times – Email from one of my vendors

One of my vendors for guns emailed this little gem to their customer list today:

Subject: shipping

There were over 2,300 internet orders that came through over the weekend. I would not guarantee any order getting to a customer by Christmas except for true air packages.

Yeah….there just might have been just a bit of an uptick in sales.

5 thoughts on “Sign of the times – Email from one of my vendors

  1. I hope everyone who participated in the weekend panic buying is also doing their part by acting as a thoughtful advocate for 2nd Amendment rights. At least send a few bucks to the NRA, if nothing else. If we allow ourselves to get shouted down by the progressives/anti-freedom crowd, we deserve what we get.

    I am terrified that some bit of anti-gun legislation will find its way into a last-minute fiscal cliff bill, and Republicans will be “forced” to pass it in order to avert some perceived economic catastrophe.

    • I think you have every right to be terrified. Some simple things that can pass before an assualt weapons ban will be:
      Federal law closing the GunShow loopholes
      Federal law stating no private gun sales
      Federal law stating no internet sales of ammo or guns
      Federal law requiring ID and logging of ammo purchases
      Federal law restricting ammo purchases/one box month
      Federal law restricting use of any magazine over 10 rounds
      Federal law to register ALL weapons 22 cal and up
      Federal law requiring annual gun registration fees
      Federal law stating no transporting weapons across state lines
      Federal law banning nightvision scopes/body armour

      I live in California and I KNOW that within 24 monthes at least half of these will be pased on a state level. And yes, I wish I could move. But if even half of the above is enacted on a federal level then it won’t matter where you live. The way the second amendment looks today is not the way it will look by 2020.

  2. dianne feinstein (also of Cali) has proposed another gun-bill. I don’t understand how naive (or dumb) people can be. Look at Illinois, a state with some of THE most restrictive gun laws in the nation. How’re they doing? DC? New York?

    C’mon liberals. I know common sense isn’t common but sheesh.

  3. The same people that want to do away with guns “for the children” are the ones that claim a Constitutional right to kill all the unborn babies they want.

  4. Noticed Cheaper than dirt just raised their PMags to 59.99. And they are not selling guns now. “Annnnnnnnd their off and running on the Great 2012 Panic!”
    I got mine safely stored away. I need nothing.

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