S&W tells me its the end of the world

Have a customer who ordered up a S&W M&P pistol from S&W a month or so back and it hasn’t shown up yet. He asked me to light a fire under ‘em. I emailed their LE rep and this is the exact reply I got:

No ETA, sorry bud.  Its the end of the world and all that right around the corner so we are backordered.

Nice. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Personally, if it’s the end of the world I would think the autopistols of choice will be Rugers and Glocks. The Ruger will edge out the Glock for durability, but the Glock will win the trophy hands-down for parts support.

Regardless, this is really a bad time to be trying to buy a particular gun. Oh, theres guns available, to be sure….but you may not get exactly what you want. Or, if you do, be prepared to part with some major cash.

ETA: Factor in the mass shooting in Connecticut today and it look’s like AR shipping times are gonna be pushed back another several weeks and lets not even think about what the magazine market is going to look like. Now that the election is over this might be the casus belli that The Usual Suspects need to enact their ‘sensible’ citizen gun control.

17 thoughts on “S&W tells me its the end of the world

  1. “The number of retards on CNN demanding gun control is tediously predictable.”

    Fixed it for ya.

    At least I got to enjoy all 3 hours of “The Hobbit” in peace before coming out and being afflicted by breathless nonstop nothing-new-to-report-so-we’ll-just-keep-yakking latest tragedy.

    It never ceases to amaze how many people can note (or fail to) that these psycho losers always show up at schools, malls, and theatres, and NEVER show up at the local cop HQ, and in the same breath conclude that obviously the reason is therefore because “it’s too easy to get guns”. This is like shovelling live kids into the lion cage and then bitching because he eats them all, then blaming the easy availability of zoo tickets as the culprit.

    Just once, one effing time before I die, I’d like to see 25 conservative senators and congressmen waiting for the next one of these, and ready to nut up, face the cameras 5 minutes after the news breaks and demand an end to offering human sharks a buffet lunch table at “gun free zones”, and vowing, on pain of blocking or amending every piece of legislation until hell freezes over, to hammer at abolishing the silly-ass concept until it’s dead, dead, dead.
    And incidentally, putting out “Wanted For Murder” posters with the pictures of every sitting senator and congressman who passed those damned laws in the first place.

    And I’d like fries and a shake with that.

  2. Here’s the argument to put that “guns in schools is wrong” nonsense to rest.

    Is your child more likely to be burned alive or the victim of schoolplace violence? Yet I would imagine no parent would make a peep at the thought of smoke detectors in each classroom.

  3. zero attacks in israel today. hmmm, wonder if it could be that teachers and staff are armed? nah, thats just asking for trouble. surely it would be the wild west if they did that…..

  4. Sad day in CN. BTW, the AR was recovered from the trunk of his car, never went inside or was fired in this. He only had the 2 handguns inside. Chickenshit killed himself.

    Way to many coincidences on the last 4 shooting. Age, Battle dress, second gunman reported, crap like that.

  5. Why are rugers more durable then glocks? I am looking for a small gun. I have a glock 19 and was thinking glock 26, but it is larger then I want, so was thinking about ruger lc9. It that a particularly durable gun?


  6. On NBC, they had “experts” saying we needed more gun control – things like background checks and outlawing firearm ownership amongst felons and the mentally ill. Of course, they fail to realize that that IS the law today.

    The problem is, they have zero concept of what the current laws are and think that, for some reason, throwing more laws at the problem will solve it.

    The guns used today were purchased legally by the shooter’s mother. He was 20 and apparently had a history of metal illness–both things that would have prevented him from owning the handguns used. And, of course, the school was a “gun free” zone and possessing firearms on campus was certainly against the law, too. Of course, none of these laws did anything to prevent the tragedy.

    As another commentor noted, this kind of demented scum goes where they know they’ll be able to kill innocents with relative impunity. No active shooters at gun shows or police stations lately, eh?

    Professional armed defense, on-campus, would be a much better deterrent than a “Gun Free Zone” sign. Certainly, if Obama was looking to throw around some tax payer money to “make jobs”, some federal funding to do just that wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  7. I notice the gun ban in Great Britain was after a school shooting. I am unsure of the one in Aussie, but after the mass shooting a gun ban was passed. Wonder if a EO is headed our way?

  8. I suppose there is a reason those old Rugers do not break. Look at the darn things. If Glock increased the size of every part by 25% there would be a lot more material involved and small parts would break less. I can make you a hammer that will for sure never break, however it will weigh 15 pounds

    • Indeed…the price for Ruger’s durability is bulk. I’ts probably before your time but S&W and Ruger used to have a little friendly war going in print advertising. Ruger said “Thicker is better” (in reference to their revolver topstraps, I believe) and S&W came back with “Thicker is better when it comes to burgers and shakes. Whats that got to do with handguns?” Classic advertising from the early ’90s. Ah, here it is: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v488/derek45/ad_686vsgp100.jpg . Isnt that a classic? Yeah, Ruger has the ergonomics of a brick but its an unbreakable brick.

  9. So sad about the shootings this week. Both of the shooters stole the weapons that they used and I believe both could have been prevented with gun safes. Sure the aholes could then use a bomb or car to carry out their deeds but I’m not worried about losing my Non existent right to bear bombs.

    In 2009 the Feds spen 1.39 billion on the tv converter box program. How about a gun safe voucher program? I hate the giveaways but I hate dead kids and losing my rights even more.

  10. Of course these mass shootings only happen in gun-free zones, but it seems like they are happening more frequently. I’m not sure if that’s true (and it certainly is false if you factor in government sponsored killings) but it seems like it’s on the increase since the early ’70s. I wonder, if it is so, could it be the shutdown of mental hospitals, the loosening of involuntary commitment laws, and the adoption of psychiatric medications as part of community based treatment?

  11. Speaking of the gun bans enacted in Great Britain and Australia, does anyone have any insight on how these bans were actually implemented? How did the government manage to actually go out and collect all these firearms? Did people try to hide them? Keep their firearms illegally?

    Even if anti-Second Ammendment activists wildest dreams came true, and the government somehow banned, say private ownership of handguns, or assault rifles, how would they ever enforce such a ban, when there are something like, I believe, 300 million guns in this country.

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