S&W tells me its the end of the world

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Have a customer who ordered up a S&W M&P pistol from S&W a month or so back and it hasn’t shown up yet. He asked me to light a fire under ‘em. I emailed their LE rep and this is the exact reply I got:

No ETA, sorry bud.  Its the end of the world and all that right around the corner so we are backordered.

Nice. Self-fulfilling prophecy. Personally, if it’s the end of the world I would think the autopistols of choice will be Rugers and Glocks. The Ruger will edge out the Glock for durability, but the Glock will win the trophy hands-down for parts support.

Regardless, this is really a bad time to be trying to buy a particular gun. Oh, theres guns available, to be sure….but you may not get exactly what you want. Or, if you do, be prepared to part with some major cash.

ETA: Factor in the mass shooting in Connecticut today and it look’s like AR shipping times are gonna be pushed back another several weeks and lets not even think about what the magazine market is going to look like. Now that the election is over this might be the casus belli that The Usual Suspects need to enact their ‘sensible’ citizen gun control.

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