The Walking Dead 10/22

I’m a gun nut Ballistic-American and something of a nerd, so why am I not surprised that these two character traits/weaknesses/identities have conspired to hijack my subconscious as of late.

Where exactly has it shanghaied it to? (Yeah, that sentence probably could have been constructed…gooder.) For the life of me, I have spent the last week playing over in my mind what I would want out of a 10/22 if I were stuck in a world full of soft-skulled, slow-moving zombies. Seriously. I’m spending, like, an hour a day surfing the web for just the right barrel, just the right stock, just the right sights, just the right accessories…and then when I find them and think “Yeah, that’d be perfect” I rethink the requirements and have to start from scratch.

RIght off the bat, I was absolutely in love with this:

It’s a one-off from Nodak Spud. But…I loved the HK MP5 look. Compact, has provisions for an optic, has open sights, enough barrel to thread and suppress ahead of the sight, and a telestock. Oh..but that stock….mmmm…not so sure. I mean, the zombie apocalypse is going to require a good bit of running around and being light on your feet…so wouldn’t a folder make more sense? But then again, rimfires can be fussy…and if you pull the trigger and are rewarded with a ‘click’ you’re going to want a stock with some stoutness to it so you can drive the buttplate (need a metal buttplate now rather than the OEM plastic) through the skull of the zombie. And what about a suppressor? I can find threaded .22 barrels all day long but I cant find a threaded .22 barrel with iron sights. That shouldn’t surprise me…once you screw a suppressor onto the end of the barrel you wind up having the diameter of the supressor block the sights. But..I need iron sights in case the optics fail. And..and..and….

See, this has been running in my mind for the last week since I’ve been watching season three of The Walking Dead.

So, I figure what I’d want is a solid stock, wood or plastic, a threaded barrel, sights high enough to overlook a mounted suppressor, a rail for optics, maybe a better mag release, and some rail for mounting a light. Not much to ask for, right? Something that when it’s all done would like very much like this:

The flash suppressor is probably gilding the lily, but it protects the threads when you don’t have the suppressor on the end. I’d swap the barrel band for the side-mounted, rail equipped one from Pro-Mag (ProMag Barrel Band) and call it a day.

Not as compact as it would be with a folder, but I like having the ‘blunt force trauma’ option. True compact would look like this. But I think this would be a nice rig for capping the slow, shambling zombies at up to 100 yards. And, with a couple Butler Creek mags, a small group of ‘em could be knocked down by one person almost as fast as knocking down one.

See, this is what happens when you give a science-fiction/comic-book nerd an internet connection and a 10/22.

But, in the interest of stimulating dialog and catering to my mania, how would you set yours up? We’ve established that the skull of your average Walking Dead zombie is easily penetrated by simple hand tools, so a .22 offers plenty of penetration. The rule of law has quite obviously taken a holiday so SBR and suppress to your heart’s content. Bonus points for detailing parts and model numbers.


26 thoughts on “The Walking Dead 10/22

  1. That Nodak Spud 10/22 rocks….

    I have two 10/22′s. I have an cherry 1984 plain wood stock with scope and rings. It was $95.00 in 1984. I paid $170.00 for it. I saw the same rifle at gun shows for as much as $275.00 so I think I gotta pretty good deal. All metal and wood. Only plastic on it I can find on the rifle is the safety switch.

    The other one I got at wall mart. Plastic stock, all weather grey barrel and I added “GI peep sights” and an aluminum barrel band with picantinney rails. At a local gun shop the rifle was $350.00. I found the same rifle at walmart it was $237.00 and I got it.

    My next one may have a 20 or 22 inch barrel and will be a little target rifle. I think the eighteen inch barrel would be best in a Zombie Fest, better accuracy at range I can can keep the “infected and animated, walking puss bags” further away from me and not get my shirt dirty like “Rick” in Walking dead.

    • I have seen people fire 22/45′s 200 yards hitting balloons with trickshots, I don’t think an extra inch or so will make a difference in accuracy, only bullet velocity, increasing the range a tad bit(effective to 250 yards maybe?)

  2. Folding stock, a legit red dot sight and a can if I could get one.

    To me the folding stock would be important as I would often carry a real rifle also. The red dot would be perfect for quick accurate shots at .22 ranges. I toyed with a small scope but so many shots would be very close that I do not think it would be the way to go. A suppressor would be really nice for obvious reasons.

    Don’t think there is enough metal on a 10/22 to really make a serious use bayonet work well. To me if a walker got inside of the length of the rifle that would be a fast step away or transition to pistol or melee weapon situation.

  3. Gun PRoN!!

    Kudos on finding that Novak Spud example for starters.
    Just as I was mentally adding “Commander Zero forgot a suppressor” I hit the text where you mentioned exactly that. GMTA.
    But cans aren’t THAT big that the iron sights won”t see over it.
    For a stock, I’d find, beg, or make from scratch a walnut butt with the profile of the fixed stock MP5.
    And since we’re going quiet, might as well go dark too. Let’s throw a PVS-14 behind an EOTech 552 (NV capable) on that bad boy, a FTS 3x, a LaserDevices IR Laser Designator and a Surefire or equivalent light, w/an IR beam flipdown cover and pressure pad switch. (Maybe all on a foregrip?)

    That way even if Zombies own the night, I own the zombies.

    And a couple of the 50 rd. 10/22 drums, definitely. Along with a comfortable number of the new Ruger 25 rd mags. Load up on Sunday and shoot all week.

    And if 1 is good, 2 is better. So I think you’d have to set up one (or a dozen) of those 10/22 paired twin Gatling style contraptions the same way, for a suitable fixed emplacement on overwatch, along with a QD mount, so you could move the dually onto whatever zompocalypse “technical” you scrounge. For doing a little neighborhood renovation. (For some unaccountable reason, the idea of doing some A-Team/Mr. T ad hoc armor plating on a Bobcat, with a turret for a standup Gatling gunner would be tres magnifique. (Metal tread add-on kit, bodyshop Rome Plow front-end forks Zombiecatcher, and flamethrower optional. That way you could catch ‘em, clean ‘em, and cook ,em without ever leaving the safety of the cabin.)

    So that’s an individual weapon, a crew-served, and an APC, all for one low price.
    And I don’t even get cable to watch TWD!

    Get me a chair at the Production meeting, and in Season 4, it’s the zombies turn to be afraid.

  4. I’ve been eyeballing the AGP folder for a time – and the whole takedown kit, too, since I have an older, non-take down 10/22. Need to pay up for some of the ruger mags. In short, my 10/22 needs some love.

    A 10/22 – suppressed especially – plus a couple bricks o’ .22lr. Not bad. You’d want a solid pistol for a back up, though, given rimfire’s less-than-awesome reliability.

  5. Lets not overlook a jatimatic and a solid baseball bat with an fn57 for the hip. The jatimatic has been well proven to work against living americans in red dawn and cobra.

  6. I like that Nodak Spud SBR. I’d add a stock more like this:
    The stock would need to be shortened a bit to make it a bit better for CQB.

    Threaded barrel can be done at most competant gunsmith. Then top it off with a Burris Fastfire or one of the similar small RDS and a Gemtech Outback IId.

    I don’t know much about 10/22 recievers. What can you tell me about that rail with integrated iron sight? Is that an aftermarket bolt on part, or is it integral to the receiver?

  7. Hmmm, some thoughts:

    1) Ammunition is an issue. The folks in TTD (The Talking Dead) NEVER miss. Reality is far different, even against a slow-moving target that you have to hit in a particular area less than a yellow legal pad at 50 yards.

    2) Rate of fire. Not as important as you are killing at range and you should NEVER be taken by surprise as the overwhelming majority seem to be. Between noisy traps (pebbles in a can), and other early detection not to mention an OP (FOr God’s sakes), the “Walkers” should NEVER be “right on you”.

    2a) A reason why the stock type doesn’t concern me. Sleep in a tree ala Katnis (Hunger Games). Zombies can’t climb

    3) Sights. Very important. And given that it’s TEOTWAWKI, they have to be sturdy and battery-powered only if you have an inifinite supply OR a means of recharching.

    4) Ease of repair / familiarity / “swappable”. This (<–) is a reason I am looking at a M-4 simply as a PDW (which honestly is about all it is). Yes I cheated and went all .223. Take it up with Nuke. I've been firing a M-16/M-4 variant for over 23 years off and on. I can put one together blindfolded. Everyone has one or something similar. If you can make your way to Benning (this plot hole is big enough to drive an Abrams through), find the ASP (Ammo Supply Point), you have a base and tons of ammo.

    God that show pisses me off sometimes.

  8. Is the MP-5 looking rifle a commercial model that is available for sale? Great post but it is not clear about “name” of the weapon and its availability

  9. Check out the recently issued Ruger BX25 magazines, they have better construction than the BC ‘hot lips’ and are proving to be very reliable in our 10/22s.

  10. How about an 10/22 with the suppressor integrated into the barrel? Depending on manufacturer it could solve the iron sights issue.

    Here’s one from Thompson Machine based on the 10/22 Takedown:

    Not integral, but this option form Tactical Solutions is a SBR barrel so that adding the suppressor doesn’t increase the overall length:

    Yankee Machine has integral suppressor barrels in black or stainless, and they are user serviceable:

    AAC has a suppressor that is flush fit so it doesn’t block anything already mounted on the barrel, you’d have to find a barrel that has the same OD:

  11. Bear in mind a .22lr only needs 11″ of barrel to burn all its powder. Any more length and the bullet is just slowing down from friction. (Might be a bit easier on the shooter’s ears, moving the muzzle a foot further away)

  12. Someone did a study of pistol wounds (a few thousand cases) a while ago and concluded that the 22LR was as effective as a 45 ACP in deterring an aggressor. While heavier calibers killed or crippled the aggressor, putting them on the ground and hors de combat, the wounds from lighter pistol calibers (22, 25, 32) were painful enough and severe enough to stop all but the most determined people. Generally, after being shot, the aggressor just went away.

    Won’t work with zombies, but good enough for most social interactions. Less police paperwork, too.

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