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Given that the skull of the average ‘Walking Dead’ zombie seems to be pierced very easily, I see no reason why the smart zombie hunter in this show wouldn’t be best served with a suppressed Ruger 10/22. Fast followups for crowds, quiet signature, highly portable ammo, lightweight guns….seems ideal for the travel-intensive survivor lifestyle of a zombie apocalypse. Until, of course, you encounter the other walking dead – the less-than-friendly survivors. Then you’ll be wanting your AK and M4 back.

I was complaining to the wife that I like the episodes that deal with the nuts-n-bolts of day-to-day existence in the zombie-infested world – securing food, scavenging, security, fuel issues, hygiene, etc, etc. When it turns into interpersonal drama, the show could be like any other soap opera only with the element of zombies. Now, obviously, in a real crisis of any sorts there are still going to be interpersonal dramas…a couple that was at each others throats before the bombs go off will probably still be at each others throats afterwards…maybe even more so. And there’s always going to be love triangles, naked self-interest, betrayal, etc, etc. I know that but I still wish they’d just stick to the issues instead of going to war with New Bern..I mean, Woodbury.

How many times do these people need to have near death experiences before adopting a two-man rule? And establishing departure/return times? And contingency planning? And organized searches for supplies? Heck, there’s still parts of the prison that have bad guys in it.

As long as theyre sending out people to scavenge, they may as well scout out a couple secondary and tertiary fallback positions as well. Stock them, secure them, hide them, and be ready to evac the minute a superior force looks like it’ll take their primary location. Did these people learn nothing from eight months of wandering after their farm was overrun?

I know its the end of the world, but personal hygiene really needs some attention. A bucket of hot water, some soap and a washcloth at least. Whats the point of avoiding getting bitten by a zombie when you wander around all day covered in it’s decaying gore, filth and who knows what else. Avoid dying of zombie virus just to die of some other easily avoidable infection?

Still, I’ll continue watching the show. If nothing else it’ll be interesting to see how some of these personal dramas get worked out.


8 thoughts on “Walking Dead observations

  1. From Hornady bullets to this TV show, this whole zombie apocalypse thing is gaw-damned stupid. I will be happy once it finally runs its course. But hey, if it floats your boat, good on ya. Just try not to be too much of a Twilight Mom while it does.

  2. Herschel and the blonde daughter always seem to look fairly spiffed up, at least compared to the others.

    There are lots of things “wrong” with the show. My SO and I use it as an excuse to talk about what they do or don’t do and how we would do it better or different but we never take the show as a “how to survive” instructional. In the end it is just entertainment.

    And as far-fetched as it may seem, it *could* happen. Possible? Certainly. Probable? Not so much. But you never know…one lesson I have learned over the years is that life really is stranger than fiction.

  3. I share your desire to seek out realistic survival scenarios and how people may be dealing with them; to that end you may enjoy watching the BBC Series from 1975 Survivors, all 3 seasons have been posted here on youtube iminute snippets; http://www.youtube.com/user/AftermathShow.
    Several episodes dealt with issues such as planting winter wheat in the spring, the after efffects of consuming grains treated chemically for planting, ergot contaminate rye, feral dog packs, improvised communications, renovating antique grist mills and getting a hydroelectric system back up and running to name a few, it was an enjoyable show for me. Set in England the survivors had access to weapons in the aftermath of the plague but high tech weaponry does not drive the story lines. For reference sake the first episode is called “The Fourth Horseman”. Amazon has offered all 3 seasons formatted for our region as well.

  4. CZ I call the show”THe Talking Dead” and the follow-on “Talking about the Talking Dead”. It’s a Zombie soap opera, nothing more nothing less. I think the target demographic is the bunch who moved on from Twilight mixed with the 50 Shades of Grey crowd.

    Herschel said it best on the farm in season 2 “How the hell have you people survived so far”? They do dumb, dumb, dumb things so often and there is no repercussion that after awhile the suspension of disbelief is replaced with the same feeling you get when watching a bad Science Fiction movie. (Plan 9 from outer space or Santa versus the Martians)

    And I had the exact same sentiment the other day – where are they getting water? Waste is going where? Darryl is getting his fibreglass crossbow bolts from ? They waste fuel (hello bicycles) to go into a town for * 1 * item.

    It got better for about 5 seconds in the first episode of S3 when Carl used a silenced .22. It got dumb again when the older lady was sniping with an AK-47 variant. At this point they should be very low on ammo (hello Fort Benning but apparently the two hour drive was more than they could handle, even on a motorcyle), but Sherrif no southern accent seems to have an endless supply for his .44. (or whatever he carries)

    I call it the “worst show on tv that I watch consistently”. And for Georgia (I live 30 miles west of Atlanta) it is DECIDEDLY monochromatic. BYU isn’t that white.

    • Well said. The show is painful to watch for it’s lack of “real world” situations in such an event. The problem with today’s television is that the liberals running it hate guns, so no assult rifles, silencers, M-60’s or .50 cal’s. In the real world when someone is a dumb ass, a drain on supplies, or a threat you dump/eliminate them. To much humanity…not enough “Bug Hunt”. And don’t get me started on the idiots talking about it after the show!

  5. I have yet to see anyone go for the gun store goodys. Their weapons are the same as Roy Rodgers used to carry, they never run out of bullets and just keep on shooting, now if they mentioned the arsenal at the prison, I must have missed it. Anyway about all they could get there would be some mini 14’s.

    • I would think that, ten months after civilization falls apart, its pretty unlikely theres a gun shop anywhere that has anything left in it….wouldn’t that have been first on everyone’s list of places to loot? And they did briefly mention that the prison’s armoury was picked over…they apparently got a few tear gas and stun grenades, and thats about it.

  6. A bit of planning in ordinary operations like finding food is sorely needed. Also the lack of basic caches is painful. Still enjoying the show though.

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