Fridays NCIC…’anomaly’….

Various outlets (Saw this at a few other places but this was the first one I linked to) are reporting that Black Friday Friday Of Color saw a tremendous surge in gun sales…so much so that the NCIC ‘instant background check’ system became a good bit less than instant. I was doing a check for a customer Friday and the drone on the end of the phone was completely flustered that her system wasnt responding. In fact, it was so chaotic that the ‘examiner’ deviated from their oh-so-carefully scripted interaction several times with exclamations of frustration.

Now, I’m not really a conspiracy guy, but I am a guy who is open to exploring all possibilities in the interest of being prepared. If transactions from a dealer require a background check, and that system is ‘down’ for some reason (or it is claimed to be down), then you effectively shut down new gun sales for at least the three-day wait. Of course, in states where having something like a carry permit preclude the need for the NCIC check you’ll still be able to purchase your new thundertoy, and, of course, private transactions will still be exactly that.

Additionally, ignoring the conspiracy angle, record-breaking gun purchases, even on a day known for heavy discounts, should still tell you something: the natives are restless. I always view gun sales as a highly cynical form of ‘consumer confidence’ and ‘leading economic indicator’. Right or wrong, when folks are feeling their government, by the economy, by their neighbors…they want a gun. Record purchases, to me, mean record levels of uncertainty about the future. I’m sure that I’m reading too much into it, but when folks were relatively pleased with the government, gun bans weren’t whispering in the breeze, and the economy wasnt sucking wind, you didnt see near the amount of weapons stockpiling.

Not that there’s anything wrong with stockpiling, mind you. It’s just that this is a horrible, horrible time to be doing it….it shoulda been done years ago.

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  1. Didn’t the system have “issues” after the last election too? I don’t remember if it was the mid term or the last presidential one though.


  2. It’s never too late to buy guns, until it is.

    ‘Sides, not everyone else is as smart and forethoughtful as we happy few.

    I seem to recollect the NCIC got a bit constipated a few weeks or months back, and for the same reason: stampeding the gun counters because of the certainty the next Man was either going to be Coke, or Diet Coke, which unlooked-for distressing realization spooked the herd. I am a wee bit more sanguine if only in recollection that second terms are usually engulfed in hubris, and then Congressional hearing room carpet dances, in that order.

  3. I think you are reading to much into it. On Friday of color some people buy electronics, some by clothes, and some people buy guns. It’s just in the past few years that gun shops have embraced the Friday of color sales concept. Everybody likes a bargin or a deal…so just enjoy the moment!

  4. So if I am reading that article correctly, it says the UN will have power to confiscate our guns? Are they going to give them warrant less powers to enter homes? Or perhaps Imshould start buying waterproof storage containers??

  5. i have lived here about 5 years. quiet years except hunting season and the occassional new gun tests. last few weeks it sounds like bosnia around here, gunfire in every direction. there are a lot more hunters stocking the freezer this year, but there are a LOT more folks testing out their new toys. my new cityslicker neighbor even has fired a .50 rifle in the last few days. i thought i had neighborhood fire superiority, now its a tie:) note to self: add more sandbags…..its getting interesting folks.

  6. Guns make great gifts and as a previous commenter pointed out, more sellers are hopping on the “black Friday” discounts bandwagon. So I think that equating increased sales on that one day with increased or pending social upheaval is reading too much into it.

    It would be very interesting, however, to see some statistics on gun sale trends on a monthly and annual basis over the last 10 years. I would still wager that an increased number of firearms are sold per capita today than 10 years ago. Of course, some of that could be attributed to the increased awareness and mainstream popularity of shooting sports.

    On a related note, I’m thankful that I live in a state where a simple permit to purchase and the right amount of cash or credit is all that is needed to walk out of a gun store with a new pistol, rifle or shotgun.

  7. Many people don’t plan ahead, or they don’t think that history will repeat itself. The Libs have been complaining about the Clinton bill having a sunset clause in it. I was just surprised that nothing happened between 2008 and 2010, when they had it all.

    I still look for deals in the gun department. I’m looking for the increase in taxes and health care costs making a lot of these “worry purchases” available at a discount in 6-18 months.

  8. My paper was full of ads for guns on on black Friday and the prices were crazy cheap, so I’m not surprised people were stocking up. The guns will sit in the basement or under a bed until the wife will orders them gotten rid of. Should be some good deals on never fired used guns in another year or so…

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