+900 to Defense, reduces attacker damage by %100, 2 charges

Well that sure took longer than I anticipated:

I shouldnt complain, the turnaround time was really only four weeks.

These are the plates from this.

9 thoughts on “+900 to Defense, reduces attacker damage by %100, 2 charges

      • Gentlemen, its nothing. I’ve been carrying easily 50-60 pounds above my belt line for a number of years now. I’d rather be carrying 32 lbs of hard plates (one front, one back) than the 50 lbs of hot dogs, hash browns and hostess products I am now.

  1. I waited 3 weeks for mine going through Galls, and that was months and months back when this election was a lot more theoretical.

    It’s always “better to be hot than shot”, and as I get closer to fighting weight, replacing the prime rib and junk food with kevlar and ceramic isn’t as theoretical either.

    The pending dearth of Twinkies is a boon in that respect.

    Congrats on the acquisition, Commander, and I give you the same benediction the store clerks gave me when they handed them to me:
    “Hope you never need ‘em!”

  2. Its not problem wearing plates, the secret is having them in a good carrier tight to your body, there is a big difference between 15 pounds held at arm length and 15 pounds cinched down tight to your chest. You will just sweat a lot more under them, add a heat category because you are wearing armor.

    • They are both curved. They seem comfortable enough but then again I haven’t gone tromping around the hills all day while wearing them yet. This is my first set of hard armour so I really have nothing to compare the experience with.

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