Guns – The AAI CAWS project

Military auto shotguns have been dabbled with for a while, and one of the more interesting projects was the CAWS project. Special shotgun rounds, special shotgun. It never really got off the ground but you can see some DNA was passed down to the Daewoo, USAS, Atchisson and a few others.

I loves me some auto shotgun action as much as the next guy, but I think the basic pumpgun is probably a better choice. On the other hand, I wouldnt turn down a USAS-12 if one came my way. (And, yeah, the fedgoons messed up my fun by making it a Destructive Device.)

3 thoughts on “Guns – The AAI CAWS project

  1. As I understand, it was the flechetes that were supposed to turn it into something worth talking about. The flechete was also supposed to be the post-Korean show stopper, but when it got cancelled we were stuck with the M-16.

    I don’t have anything against a semi-auto shotgun, but I have never felt compelled to spend the money for one either.

    • I’ve only seen a handful that were interesting. The old HiStandard 10B looks pretty nice if they’d update it. Mossberg’s Jungle Gun looked good but they discontinued it. Mossbergs new 930 series looks good also.

      Back in the late 80’s I had an opportunity to buy a USAS with drum at a Helena gun show for about $800. Wish I’d bought it. Nowadays, some of those AK shotguns look promising but even a pump shotgun seems like a fairly specialized niche..a hi-cap auto shotgun is even more specialized. You could wander all over the planet, into all sorts of war zones, before you fell into a situation where 25-rounds of buckshot was exactly the right solution to the problem.

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