2008 Redux

I have a would-be customer who wants me to hook him up with a Stag #2 (with the Plus Package) or a Rock River Entry AR. He asked me about this a day or two after the election and it was about all I could do to keep from laughing into the phone. You want to buy an AR a couple days after Carter The Second wins the presidential election? Why not try buying lifejackets once the iceberg hits the hull? Availability will be similar.

Stag Arms is not only not answering their phones but the voicemail option tersely says “we are not taking any messages at this time.” Rock River at least had a human answer the phone who told me the wait on an AR outta there is currently at four months.

I have been to this dance before and know all the steps. Put your left foot in, put your right foot out, reach for your wallet and wave it all about…..

Oh, and before I forget:

I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.

Now I feel better……


15 thoughts on “2008 Redux

  1. Cabela’s has a $650 Bushmaster M4gery listed for Black Friday. It doesn’t inpress me any but part of me is wondering if I should get up predawn & try for one. I would then go back to bed, lol.


  2. I can only speak to my AO but there are AR rifles all over the place. Saw a half dozen lower receivers in various states of completion and probably a dozen AR’s at one shop and a half dozen at a smaller place today.

    Can you get a Brand XXXXX Model YYY AR-15, maybe not. Can you get an AR, definitely.

    • I have to agree with TOR on the lowers. In my town we have 14 gun stores and the minimum number of lowers on hand Friday, 11/16, was 8. One store had 3 dozen. If you don’t mind putting one together, always a better choice anyway there are lots of parts out there.

      • True, it’s the same here.

        But the person with the wherewithal to build an AR from the necessary lego parts isn’t likely to be the type trying to panic-buy one the day after the election.

  3. Y’know, I’m not wild about the whole AR platform, but something tells me that with the re-election of that awful man, I can continue to troll the local gun shows and see the various Tommy Tactictal types wanting to shed their old, but perfectly-serviceable Mini-14s and Glocks for very fair prices so they can finance the latest and greatest AR clone. Bring it on, sez I.

  4. I dont no why, but the American people and thier goverment still supprise me. Here we are 49 years after the Constitution was ripped up and tossed into the waste basket of history. People still insist that they have rights protected by that document. Dont know how the next few years will play out, but will it willl be interesting,

    • Okay, I’ll bite. Evidently I was sick the day in history class where they covered the Constitutional Revocation Act of 1963.

      I could understand (not necessarily agree, but at least follow the rationale) had you picked 1861, 1913, 1933, or even 2001.

      But I’m completely stumped about 1963.

      Please, cough up.


      • One subject that is offten discused is when the takeover took place. I choose Nov. !963 because that was when the fiat curency we use today went into circulation. The exact date the Constitiution was suppended, was, when the first state court sent someone to jail for not satisfing A courtorder in federal reserve notes. What else was going on in Nov. 1963?

          • THE KENNEDY PLAN
            372 1/2 grains of fine silver = $1 of silver
            $1 US buys 2 ozs. of silver bullion
            2ozs of silver bullion = 960 grains of silver
            control price of silver by selling excess silver or print more notes
            1ST UNITED STATES NOTE 1-10-63
            Simplifed version

          • And therein is proof that the Kennedy Assassination was a hoax.

            I submit that not even a whackjob marksman would ever attempt to shoot a Democrat in the brain, because the target is too small to hit.

  5. Supply in my neck of the MW has been unaffected, at least by any outside observation. There are plenty of black rifles at the major sporting goods stores, and prices have stayed level. Ammo is readily available in large quantity as well. Maybe the shortage is localized to Montana?

    • Didnt say the shortage was in Montana. Said that I called vednors and they told me there were delays. There’s still plenty of AR’s around at retail, I want them at dealer prices so I order from the dealers.

  6. @ Aesop – 1861. I am smiling on the inside at the comment above re an individual who can put together their own AR-{clone}. Thankfully I can (blindfolded as long as the pieces are in front of me).

    I would * opine * that the M-4 etc is a PDW. Especially the short barrel etc. Think of it the way Jeep owners do their CJ-X. You can “trick” it out to your hearts content. And like a Jeep, it does * SOME * things very well.

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