12 thoughts on “The apocalypse will never look this good – III

    • Thats the beauty of it, man. Distracting. I remember reading some spy novel about a female Russian assassin. She would burst into a room, topless, and start shooting. The occupants of the romm were, of course, more startled by the sudden appearance of boobs and that gave her a second or two advantage to mow them down.

  1. I’m waiting for the Burgess Meredith moment from “Time At Last”, where I find out she’s a celibate lesbian.

    THEN it’s really the Apocalypse.

    I have no comments regarding her tactical gear, other than surprise anyone saw it. Then again, I must have watched “Bandolero” 4000 times before I realized the title referred to the shell holders across Raquel’s chest.


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