Zombie e-cards, zombie classes, zombie programming

It’s been a zombie-themed day.

First off, someone texted me this:

I won’t say that when I got married there was a checkbox for ‘can kill zombies’, but there was a checkbox for ‘will not impede or hinder preparedness’.

Then, for giggles I head over to Rosauers to see how their 25% off sale on storage food was going. Quite well, apparently…there were some major gaps on the shelves. I like to think I’, kinda responsible for that by letting the local LMI’s know.

And finally, I watched E2S3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ yesterday. One thing I enjoy about this show is that afterwards my wife usually gets thoughtful and makes supportive comments about our lifestyle or recommends that we buy more food/gear/ammo. Thumbs up, either way.

And finally , this amazing email from REI shows up:

Missoula REI — Zombie Preparedness – Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Description: Imagine a viral outbreak has occurred wiping out a majority of the local population and other major cities throughout the globe. The fatal virus is to be considered highly contagious and dangerous. Nicknamed the “Zombie Disease,” because those killed by the disease seem to be returning to life and prey upon the living. We are now facing a full fledged attack. Those of us left alive must now ask ourselves, “Where do we go from here? How will we survive and maintain the existence of the human race?” You are invited to attend the Zombie Preparedness Class at REI, where you will learn valuable survival techniques that could save your life. These same techniques could be invaluable in the event of any natural disaster in an urban environment.

My first thought was not “Are they serious?”, my first thought was not “Awesome!”, no..my first thought was “REI has a zombie specialist?”. I must attend this…if for no other reason than to see who shows up. I mean, really…what’s the crowd for this gonna look like? I expect a mix of casual college-age ‘this sounds like fun’ types, a few tinfoil hatters, and some ‘maybe this is really about preparedness’ types. I wonder what the pitch at REI management was like when this came up ..”Steve! I’ve got an idea for a class!….”

One thought on “Zombie e-cards, zombie classes, zombie programming

  1. Whats so cool now is you are in the position you could just say to your housemouse ” I’m going to kick back with a Coke and play WOW. There are about 100 zombies outside. Would you take care of them? And damn she could! Wish I could say that about my daughters.

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