Ruger vs. CZ in 7.62×39

Ruger is offering a compact carbine in 7.62×39 these days. This competes directly with the CZ 527. I’ve been wanting a compact carbine in 7.62×39 and was wanting the CZ but the Ruger makes it a horse race. I think the CZ is a better gun than the Ruger, but the Ruger has two main advanatge that I can see:

  • an internal magazine as opposed to a detachable no magazines to lose
  • Easier parts availability (although, honestly, Ruger is known for being tricky about getting spare parts from)

I like the CZ for its accuracy, set trigger, good looks, and general quality. Ruger makes a quality product as well, but their trigger could be a lot better. On the other hand, spare parts from CZ means that if theyre American distribution network doesnt have it, its gotta come from Czechland.

Both guns feature integral bases, which is nice, and both feature Mauser style extractors.

Tough choice.

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  1. A few years ago I bought A Ruger Mini 30 to replace my SKS. I can not hit black at 300yds with the SKS ( . The Mini 30 had feed problems with surplus ammo. The feed problems went away when I used Remmington ammo at about 3X the cost of surplus. The cost of either of those rifles seems prohibative. For what that rifle would be used for there are other calibers available that would be better suited to the task.

  2. Don’t forget the Ruger M77 Hawkeye bolt action in 7.62×39 (with a 16 1/2″ bbl). About the same wholesale price of the CZ. Remington had the Model 799 also in 7.62×39, but people complained about the whippy lightweight barrel. Discontinued by Remington, but might still be around in gun shops. I recently bought a Ruger Mini-14 Ranch in 6.8. Great round, rifle has been substantially improved from earlier series. 10 & 20 round magazines available from pro-mag.

  3. I can’t bring myself to like any Rugers but their .22s and the #1 series and they are working hard too screw up their .22s. I’d go with the CZ, it’s a better performer for about the same money (last I looked).

  4. I have one of the CZ’s and it is a sweet gun. Within in the capabilites of the round it is very accurate. Course that being said, I’ve since moved to 308.

  5. I had both for a while, the Ruger a 1st year production (.308 bore) that was not accurate, but was passable (palm size groups at 75ish yards). Extremely reliable, light and short – great ranch rifle if accuracy was not a pre-requisite.

    The 527 carbine – more accurate, just as light and short as the Ruger. Because of high bolt throw of CZ firearms, scope is mounted a bit higher than normal. Not unnaturally different, just be aware of it – more of a jaw weld than cheek weld. That set trigger function is AWESOME when shooting off bench or rest, just be sure not to set it when walking about, it is very light pull indeed.

    I keep the CZ, sold the Ruger because at the time, RELIABLE hi-cap Mini-30 was not available. But for that sticking point, the Ruger would have stayed.

    Ridiculously expensive new though – I paid $280 back in high 80’s, iirc.

  6. I’ve heard that somebody makes an Enfield clone in 7.62×39. However availability is uncertain at best. Might make for a good mid- short range politically correct deer type gun.

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