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Reminder: Hardigg cases for sale


It occurs to me that if you don’t know what to do next in terms of updating your level of preparedness, or if you are unsure of how to prioritize something, the solution is to get your heart racing, pretend that your particular anticipated disaster has occurred, and then finish this sentence “Holy crap, I wish I had gotten around to ______________”

“….getting more batteries.”

“…installing emergency lighting.”

“…showing my spouse how the radios operate.”

“…burning down that tweaker house down the block.”

You get the idea. And, no, I’m not trying to turn this into a game where everyone posts their answer in the comments. My point is, if your particular brand of apocalypse happened today, what is the one thing you haven’t done yet that you’d wish to hell you had already taken care of. Got it? Then perhaps you should maybe go do it.

Hardigg sale and info

These are the dimensions and other info on the Hardigg cases that are available.

A few things to make clear, just so we are all on the same page:

  • The cases are used.This is why they are aren’t $300-$600 each.

  • They will have scuffs and scratches.

  • Cases have no foam in them.
  • They may have paint/marker/labels/markings adorning them. These markings and labels may be removed..or maybe not.

  • All hardware is in working condition although there may be spots of corrosion or rust, but not enough to affect anything negatively.

  • These cases are not cracked, do not have holes, are not missing gaskets or parts.
  • Payment will be through PayPal. This is really the easiest and most pain-free way for me to do this. If you have problems with PayPal, I sympathize but any other method is just too much headache for me.
  • Shipping will almost certainly be through USPS. Cases will be sent ‘naked’ with a label and postage slapped on them. 

These first two cases are leftovers from this post. I still have these available.


“Small Grey” AL1814-1504 – Left case, $120 including shipping to lower 48
“Large Grey” AL2318-1705- Right case, $200 including shipping to lower 48



“Nested Grey Pair” – $300 for both cases, including shipping to lower 48

These next  cases are the ones in the photo posted earlier.

AL 1616-1005

“Green Cube” – AL 1616-1005
Exterior (L x W x D) – 18.75″ x 18.88″ x 16.69″
Interior (L x W x D) – 15.75″ x 15.88″ x 14.99″
Lid Depth – 5.12″ Bottom Depth – 9.87″ Total Depth – 14.99″
Price: $120, price includes shipping to lower 48


“Green Small Flat” – AL 1616-0505
Exterior (L x W x D) – 18.75″ x 18.88″ x 12.19″
Interior (L x W x D) – 15.75″ x 15.88″ x 10.54″
Lid Depth – 5.12″ Bottom Depth – 5.42″ Total Depth – 10.54″
Price: $110, price includes shipping to lower 48


“Green Large Flat” – AL 2221-0605
Exterior (L x W x D) – 25.5″ x 24.06 x 13.13″
Interior (L x W x D) – 22.5″ x 21.06″ x 11.5″
Lid Depth – 5″ Bottom Depth – 6.5″ Total Depth – 11.5″
Price: $135, price includes shipping to lower 48


“Green Large” – AL 2318-1205
Exterior (L x W x D) – 25.5″ x 24.06 x 13.13″
Interior (L x W x D) – 22.5″ x 21.06″ x 11.5″
Lid Depth – 5″ Bottom Depth – 6.5″ Total Depth – 11.5″
Price: $185, price includes shipping to lower 48


Nested Green Pair – Green Small Flat inside a Green Large Flat
$225 for the pair, including shipping to lower 48

How to get ‘em? Email me ( and say “Hey Commander! I want (quantity) of the (Large Grey, Small Grey, Nested Grey, Green Cube, Green Small Flat, Green Large Flat, Large Green). Here’s the address I want them shipped to:

Name You’re Using
Address suitable for postal delivery
Town, State, ZIP code

I’ll email you back an invoice that you can pay through PayPal with a credit/debit card or your PayPal balance. I’ll print up a mailing label, slap it on the side of your case, and have a very confused mail carrier deliver it to your address. No muss, no fuss.

I’ll flog this sale for the next few weeks, then whatever is left goes into deep storage.

PopSci – Computer Models Show What Exactly Would Happen To Earth After A Nuclear War

You’ve seen what a nuclear winter looks like, as imagined by filmmakers and novelists. Now you can take a look at what scientists have to say. In a new study, a team of four U.S. atmospheric and environmental scientists modeled what would happen after a “limited, regional nuclear war.” To inexpert ears, the consequences sound pretty subtle—two or three degrees of global cooling, a nine percent reduction in yearly rainfall. Still, such changes could be enough to trigger crop failures and famines. After all, these would be cooler temperatures than the Earth has seen in 1,000 years.

Let’s take a detailed look at some of these super-fun conclusions, shall we?

The linked study is a bit dry, but doesn’t seem to cover the issue of residual radiation from fallout. However, it is interesting to note that the ‘nuclear winter’ scenario appears to be pretty unlikely…the images of glaciers covering the planet and year-round snowfall just doesn’t appear to be in the cards.

This is an interesting article, not really because of the results but because it’s a fairly mainstream publication goring one of the sacred oxes – that there is no such thing as a ‘winnable’ nuclear war and that mankind is doomed to extinction if we start cracking open atoms.

Nuclear war, obviously, is survivable. What is interesting is that from a climate perspective it appears one generation is all it takes to bring things close to where they were before the keys were turned.

Article – Los Angeles awaits earthquake that could be the ‘Big One’


Los Angeles awaits earthquake that could be the ‘Big One’

A flurry of lesser earthquakes in recent months has refocused attention on whether America’s second city can withstand a major hit.


California in danger from a massive quake? Whoda thunk it, right? (As an aside, I’ll go see this movie because a) I love disaster movies and b) Kylie Minogue is the tastiest thing out of Australia since..uhm…well, really Australia is not noted for anything tasty since their most noted contribution to world cuisine is Vegemite and Koala bears who, I am told, taste a lot like cough drops.) Montana has had, within recent time, one big earthquake of note. It killed a couple people when it dropped a mountain on campers and created a new lake. Once in a rare while we’ll get itty bitty 2-2.5 quakes that can barely be felt but they are pretty rare. I’ve felt only two in the last twenty years. In short, earthquakes aren’t a big worry here. (Yes, we’re all gonna be wiped out by the Yellowstone Supervolcano, yes, I’m aware of it.) But, living in California, I don’t see how anyone could not try to be prepared.

It’s mildly disturbing to say, but I’m actually kind of curious to see how such a large earthquake would affect things in the Nanny State. Will all those years and years of endless zoning regulation, special emergency budgets, and public awareness spots make a difference? Or will it be an epic fail with post-quake buck-passing and finger pointing? And, really, if youre that worried about California sliding into the ocean, why not just take the best course of action and simply move outta California? ‘Doomsday Preppers’ had an episode about a guy who was really worked up about preparing against a tsunami…lotsa expense and effort. And I’m thinking “Uhm, why not just move 100 miles inland and eliminate the threat altogether?” Occams Razor.

Saiga news – Im right again

Recall this post.

Someone in comments felt that I was being alarmist that our benevolent .gov would conspire to remove our access to Saiga-12 shotguns. And yet….

(Yes, it says Saiga rifles but you can be pretty confident that includes their auto shotgun)

So, while I was wrong (or premature, anyway) about the actual mechanism of the import ban I was not incorrect about the result.

However, I have no doubt that the folks who make these banned guns will be changing the name on the doors of the factory fairly soon and applying for their import certificates.

In the meantime, if you loves yourself some Russian ammo you might wanna stock up on that,too…..just in case.

.22 rifle

You guys remember this post?

Yeah. Well.

IMG_1694And for those who were curious, the Sparrow is narrow enough diameter that you can use the iron sights with no problem. HOWEVER, the sights dont have enough elevation for the Rem. Subsonic ammo Im using. At 25 yards it was still 6″ low. Tech Sights may be called for. Also, I ran into that Ruger 50th Anniversary 10/22 contest-winner-designed gun and it looks…interesting.

Im a little torn…the Savage Mark II FV-SR hits every high note I would want in a “tactical” (dear Crom, did I just say that?) .22 bolt gun…but I’m then locked into a new logistics issue in regard to magazines. The Ruger uses my plentiful stash of 10/22 mags. Perhaps Ruger will come out with a razoo heavy-fluted barrel, picatinny railed, big-bolt-handled, threaded version.


AR tools

So way back in the dark days of Slick Willie’s first term there was an absurd  ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ that..well…you can look it up. Anyway, my lovely wife developed her interest in firearms during that terrible time in history (1994-2014) so, to her, 10-rd magazines were normal and rifle stocks Did. Not. Move.

This was the time when she picked up her first AR. Can you see the problem? So one of the AR’s in the safe is one of these neutered abortions. Since the ban expired ten years ago (Ten! TEN!) there is no earthly reason for someone to have an AR without a telestock, pistol grip, bayonet lug, flash supressor, etc, unless you live in an occupied zone like California.

So….I stumbled into a set of Magpul MOE furniture a few weeks ago and figured I’d de-neuter one of the wife’s AR’s. The gun has one of those stupid ‘pinned open’ telestocks. Ok, fine…drilled out the pins and removed the stock to discover….a full-length receiver extension that is NOT the kind youd normally use with a full A2 stock. Alright, I suppose I should have expected that. So lets replace the receiver extension with one that is more compatible with what I have planned.


Who does this!?!?!?!?!

Now, stay with me, this is where the post really starts……..

Did you know that there are two different ‘standards’ on those receiver extensions? ‘Tis true! There’s “mil-spec” and there is “commercial”. Unsurprisingly, when you buy most commercial aftermarket stocks (cough*Magpul*cough) you have to specify if youre using the mil-spec tube or the commercial tube. Fine. I’ll standardize on mill-spec. As it turns out, the nut that holds the tube in place has also evolved. They used to use a nut that used a spanner to tighten it, now they have what is called a ‘castle nut’ which, of course, requires a different tool. I wound up with one of these (Hammerhead Rifle Tool) and am pretty pleased with it. Took a bit of elbow grease, but got the nut off there and have the new tube threaded on.




(Yes, an original Colt 3×20 scope with BDC. Old, old school.)

The trickier part is removing the crom-awful ‘muzzle brake’ thats on this thing. It is, hands down, the worst muzzle brake I’ve ever encountered on an AR. Every shot seems to direct the blast right into my face. Problem is, that muzzle brake is ‘permanently’ attached. To make it a permanent attachment the manufacturer threaded the brake on, then drilled a hole through the threads, dropped a pin in there, welded over the pin and then ground off the blob of weld. So…getting that damn thing off is going to be a trick. Gonna have to turn to the professionals for this one. Cheaper than trying to find a buyer for the old upper and getting a new one, I suppose.

Of course, once all that’s done (for a grand outlay of about $100) we have a ‘normal’ carbine. But this is good practice for building up the dozen stripped lowers I have sitting around here.


On a completely unrelated note, I’m loving this new Weird Al offering. That fluorescent lime and orange suit/jacket combo? Me want!

Link – 16 Locations To Survive The Inevitable Zombie Outbreak

This is really just a list of buildings that look cool, since they give little detail on them. However, for some reaosn, the one that really interests me is #15. It looks like a cargo container on stilts.

Seems to me, a zombie apocalypse might be survivable if you boarded/bricked up all the doors and windows on the first floor of all the buildings on your city block and just lived on everything above the first floor.