Putting stuff away, warehouse shopping, radio shows

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A satisfying evening last night for the Zero…. put the lovely six cases of recent-manufacture MRE’s away (while calculating in my head what it does to my how-long-could-I-feed-myself timeline), set up my USMC Combat Tent and checked it for condition, and then sat around and stroked the FAL a while. Also straightened up the bunker a bit. I really, really, need to get more/better shelving down there and since I have the tools and lumber at the moment theres really no reason for me NOT to do it. Interestingly, what I dont have at the moment is the time. I have company visiting tomorrow so this evening will be full of household stuff.
WalMart, particularly SuperWalmarts, are rapidly replacing CostCo as my first choice for bulk preparedness purchases. They simpy have a much larger selection that the typical CostCo. More importantly, they sell a far, far, broader selection of food items. And while lotsa guns & ammo are nice to have, a well-stocked pantry is even better.
Once in a blue moon I listen to Coast To Coast AM on the radio…you know, getting my fill of alien conspiracies, trilateral conspiracies, impending asteroids-collision theories and that sort of thing. But, once you sift through all that stuff you sometimes find a nugget or two of info. One such nugget was someone explaining that Al-Qaeda really hasnt pulled anything off in the US since September 11, 2001 and that if they dont manage to pull off another attack soon theyre going to have lost whatever credibility (such as it is) that they have. Thus, the speaker was postulating that Al-Qaeda needs to do some kind of attack in the US to show that Bush didnt cripple them. The most spoken about times? Right before the election and also inaugural day. Hmm..I dunno..the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays would seem like a pretty good opportunity – lotsa travellers in one place, security stretched thin, etc, etc.