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Today im going to sit my armored ass down and work on spreadsheet lists of things to buy. Resource management is the biggest skill/talent any would-be post-apocalyptic hero can have. Simply put, you’ve a limited amount of resources ($$$) and you need to make the most of them and that means *smart* purchasing. Hence, a spreadsheet with everything listed, prioritized, price shopped, etc.
That reminds me, I need razor ribbon. (adds to spreadsheet)
Man, I love eBay. Love it, love it, love it. The truly odd military stuff that you cant find anywhere else is there on eBay.
Wal-Mart has 5-gallon plastic gas containers on sale for $4.50 ea. (And, bonus!, theyre made in the US!) I want metal ones but a few plastic ones will be usefull, not for long term storage but for temporary storage and for riding around in the back of a truck without scuffing the paint. And, at 2/$9.oo why not?
Still having my love affair with Idahoan flavored instant potatoes. I have half of one package (one cup) when I get home at midnight after walking half a mile in 7 degree weather. Yummy. And, oddly, rather satisfying. I really like this particular food product.
Looks like the economy may be getting better. Changes nothing for the Commander, though. All it means is that pricing of gear may go up since more people will have the money to spend on it. On the other hand, if gold starts to drop a bit I’ll pick up some more.
Cold today. The flectar surplus parka and liner are fantastic though…best $18 I ever spent.

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