PTR-91 w/ .22LR conv.

The whole reason, for me, to plunk down $500 on a G3-to-.22 conversion kit was so that I could practice things like quickly getting a sight picture from a ‘ready slung’ position, practice shooting while walking, weak-hand shooting, etc. So today I headed out the the range with a brick o’ Federal and did exactly that. And it was great. Had a wonderful time. Most of the shooting was done at fifty yards since I figure thats probably pretty close to the distances that are present when one really does need to snap a rifle up for a hasty shot. Moving-n-shooting was challenging as was weak-hand stuff. The range has some empty oxygen cylinders hanging from a rack that are used as targets. Just about the right height and width of your average bad guy so they were an ideal target with audible feedback.

All in all, alot of fun. I shot about 200 rounds of ammo..put another way, I shot $0.50 of ammo and saved almost $100 of actual .308. (ALot of the surp .308 is clocking in at almost fiftycents per round these days.)

Now I just need to get the .22 conversion for the Glock so I can practice transition drills.

By the by, the previous couple of times I took this kit out I had a few jams and stoppages. This time everything ran like a Swiss watch. No malfs of any kind..slow fire, rapid fire, dump-the-mag-in-3-seconds fire, etc….not a prob. Same ammo as last time, so I dont know what was different but it was a real joy to shoot. Takes a little of the sting out of the cost of the kit.

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  1. It was the same make and load of ammunition but was it the same lot number? I have only noticed it in one of my .22s but I have seen a good bit of difference between different lot numbers in my accurized 10/22.

  2. Try the Advantage Arms kit for the Glock .22 conversion. Find the ammo it likes and it runs very well. Mine likes Winchester Wildcats and clean it every 300 rds or so.
    I can also recommend the Bushmaster dedicated .22 lr upper.

  3. Could it be that the kit is getting broken it? A few hundred rounds would be about right for most break-in periods.


    I suppose thats possible. I read somewhere that when seating the barrel liner/chamber you should only insert it partially and let the bolt drive it home the rest of the way so that it is aligned with the bolt face. Makes sense. Regardless, it was a joy to shoot.