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,Rawles was getting some good press a few weeks ago when the rice-rationing episodes at CostCo were in the news. That sort of exposure leads to all sorts related articles. In this case, heres someone (presumably lefty) taking issue with a bunch of his stuff: Why Survivalists Make Me Want To Die.

This comes from the same school of “if you prepare to survive a nuclear war, youre inviting one to happen”. These people….argh…I simply cannot express my disgust.

I used to care about what would happen to the well-meaning-but-unprepared….not anymore. By and large Ive resigned myself to the policy that they had every chance to do that which was necessary to take care of themselves and if they choose not to then thats a choice Im going to respect – have a nice day.

However, to actively try to dissuade someone from doing things to protect themselves…well, thats a different matter. I suppose if someone is gullible enough to buy into that and sell the AR, sell the Mountain House stash and sell thegold then they get what they deserve.

Still and all, the article makes me wanna go over there and kick the guy in the ‘nads.

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  1. The article and comments seem to say to me: “I haven’t prepared, but you are being selfish and paranoid by not offering me some of your supplies when the SHTF. I am going to come take some of your supplies, for the good of the community.”

  2. Yep, getting slammed for being prepared is not uncommon.

    Just the other day during a debate on a forum about man made global warming I was told: But hey, even if any of that DID happen, why, you’ve got your guns and your training and your planning, so you’ll be able to get yours while everybody else is fighting for their lives, right? So what do you care about the rest of the human race? The planet will be better of without that extra billion or so mouths to feed.

    I’m not nearly as prepared as I’d like to be. However, I pretty much had to agree that if they failed to prepare, they’d likely be on their own.

  3. Typically when people first hear about something outside their experience, like preparedness, they scoff at the idea and this often translates into belittling that which they do not understand. A common human trait.

    Don’t let it bother you. You know you are right, teach those who will listen and concentrate on those you can help.

  4. He didn’t know what an AR-15 or a 1911 was? Poor sod! And just think, “being prepared could sink and fragile society”. I’m pretty sure you are corect about the which way he leans politically.

  5. This guy ” Tom Philpott” would be the first one kicking in our doors once TSHTF looking for a handout.

    Never fails.. the leftists always look down on self reliance.

  6. Hey, leftists are not survivalism haters. In fact many of the current left have been in the woods, defending the ideas. Not many right wing fat butts can say the same. Remember the Che Guevara as a Guerrilla leader.

    Also remember Che as a Stalinist murderer. You really want a Communist thug as a role model?

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