Anti-survivalist article

,Rawles was getting some good press a few weeks ago when the rice-rationing episodes at CostCo were in the news. That sort of exposure leads to all sorts related articles. In this case, heres someone (presumably lefty) taking issue with a bunch of his stuff: Why Survivalists Make Me Want To Die.

This comes from the same school of “if you prepare to survive a nuclear war, youre inviting one to happen”. These people….argh…I simply cannot express my disgust.

I used to care about what would happen to the well-meaning-but-unprepared….not anymore. By and large Ive resigned myself to the policy that they had every chance to do that which was necessary to take care of themselves and if they choose not to then thats a choice Im going to respect – have a nice day.

However, to actively try to dissuade someone from doing things to protect themselves…well, thats a different matter. I suppose if someone is gullible enough to buy into that and sell the AR, sell the Mountain House stash and sell thegold then they get what they deserve.

Still and all, the article makes me wanna go over there and kick the guy in the ‘nads.

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