Uzi mag pouches

img_0286I  bought some magazine pouches from Maxpedition for my HK mags and although they are listed as ‘double’ magazine pouches you can really only fit one HK mag in there. Trying to stack two in a pouch just ain’t gonna happen. Not really Max’s fault, HK mags are just damn bulky. Their double MP5 pouches, though, do indeed take two Uzi mags per pouch. I’ll wind up picking up another of the Maxpedition Active Shooter Bags and festoon it with a few of these pouches. Normally, I’m a fan of overkill but according to my math, the bag will accommodate three double-2mag pouches, and two single-2mag pouches for a total of 16 32-round mags or…wait for it….512 rounds of ammo. And that’s not even including the spare ammo and gear that gets carried in the bag itself. For the first time in my life, after reviewing the bag and ammo pouches, I said out loud to myself “Ok, that might be a bit much.” But, dammit, when you gotta run out the door with just whatever you can carry it’s hard to not want every stick of ammo you can grab….at least, until you have to carry it any significant distance.

When I put a similar bag together for the PTR, that was easier because each pouch only held one mag instead of two. As a result, the bag only has five mags on the exterior. A lighter package, overall. It still, though, carries enough ammo and mags to be handy. (Let’s see….five 20-round mags in pouches, one 50-rd drum, a few spare mags in the main compartment…..)

The pouches I originally wanted were from Blackhawk. They had a very nice triple-mag pouch that I liked very much but it seems to have been discontinued in the green color. A shame, because I really liked this particular pouch.

As it turns out, there’s an abundance of airsoft gear out there that would fit what I’m looking for but since it’s gear mostly made for gaming I am suspect about it’s durability and functionality. I want stuff that can have the crap beaten out of it and still function reasonably well.

This little gem from Olongapo Outfitters looks like it’s pretty close to what I’m after as well. By the time I finish adding pouches to the Maxpedition bag it’ll be very similar. Not to get sidetracked, but I find it amazingly entertaining that they make a similar system for the Garand.

Speaking of Uzi….someone posted a link in the comments that was too good not to pass on: Running The Uzi

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