Article – How Kalashnakov Rifles Are Made

From The Firearms Blog:

Let us see how lives and what air breathes the legendary producer of Kalashnikov guns! While they write about inevitable death of the plant we can see that “Izmash” is alive indeed! It’s been working for two centuries, and will be working even longer!

Except for one or two sophisticated machines, it looks like every October Revolutionary Tractor Factory #47 that you’d see in a war movie. Mad props to the guy sitting in the refrigerator with the rifles as they torture test them. A compare-and-contrast tour of the Colt manufacturing facility for the M4 would be fascinating.

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  1. “That day the plant tested two types of nano-coating” – That I was not expecting to see.
    “A barrel is connected with a rod. There are special tools to do this, but some specialists use only a hammer.” – That’s more like it! :)
    “Today their average salary is 16 thousand rubles (530 USD).” – Cripes I hope that’s not annually…

  2. For a tour of Colt, see the Combat Tactics Magazine Vol 9, #2, Fall 2011. (

    Mostly it’s from the handgun side, photo-wise. Turns out Colt still has machines from when JMB(!) was working with them, just with different power systems.

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