Gun Sales Booming: Doomsday, Obama or Zombies?

“He’s never been pro-gun,” says Cris Parsons of President Obama. Parsons, 31, owns a Texas gun purveyor called the Houston Armory. So far, Parsons insists, Obama has been “pretty coy” about his antipathy toward guns–and he likely will remain so during the campaign. To do otherwise would “upset a lot of people.”

But if Obama wins a second term, he’ll have “nothing to lose,” says Parsons.

Pretty much the way I see it.

But….while I don’t want to see anything bad come of the desk of the president, I’m able to deal with the uncertain political future a lot easier since I’ve had eight years since the Assault Weapons Ban sunset to Get My Act Together. Eight years, man. Eight! That’s enough to time to not only buy just about every gun and accessory you need, it’s enough time to buy even more than that. If you waited eight years to re-equip, and youre worried that youre not going to have enough time before the elections..well…I think you may not be as into preparedness as you thought you were.

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  1. The only people who might have an excuse are the young who haven’t had time (or money) to gather what they could need.

    For much of my previously banned items I’ve tried to get extra for future re-sale or barter. And if nothing ever happens I’ll use them eventually myself.


  2. For some of us here in the east, there never was a sunset.

    Indeed. I know people in NY who still want pre-94 mags and ARs.

  3. Just wondering about how far you plan. You and the superior half seem to be dialed in for now. What about when you are a old geezer or if you get “crippled up” and cannot carry a MBR anymore. Any plans or “light weight” weapons or equipment?
    I was going to go for a hot twenty five year old coed to carry the gear but Mama’s Lodge cast iron skillet out voted me.

    It seems like whenever someone says theyre prepared for “X” number of months/years someone asks “Yeah but what are you going to do in X+5 years?”. For example, if I said I had food for three years someone will jump in with “Well, what are you going to do if the crisis lasts five years?”. When I ask them what they suggest they’ll usually say something about how the plan to grow food and forage and live indefinitely. My response is “Yeah, but our sun is going to go nova in 25 million years, what are you going to do then?”

    I’m 44 years old. I can run one mile in 15 minutes while carrying 110 pounds on my shoulders, I can deadlift 400 pounds, I dont smoke, I dont drink, and I’m not carrying 40# of belly. Barring some injury that cripples me, I don’t forsee having any problems being able to carry a ten pound rifle for the next twenty years.

    “Yeah, but what if you lose your legs in a car accident and can’t walk anymore, then what?” and if I answered that I’m sure the next question would be “Well, what if after that youre struck blind?”. Obviously there’s no way to predict the future, but the odds seem to favor that if I continue to take reasonable care of myself, not engage in risky behaviours, and plan ahead for future needs, there’s no reason to think much will change in the next ten or fifteen years.

    I would imagine that were I an 80-year-old man, walking around hunched over, I’d have to do things differently than I do now but I’m not concerned about what is going on in 25 years as much as i am about whats going on in ten years.

  4. Just because someone’s too old to physically keep up with the young bucks doesn’t mean they can’t use a heavier long gun. They just need to be smarter about how they use it.

    Also, one could have an AR/AK/Mini-14/Uzi or similar lighter weight & recoil system around for either old age or simply if you’re on injured status. What if you tweak your back & aren’t up to whipping around that 10lb gun? Having lesser options makes sense.


  5. My observation has been that within reasonable expectations old guys can do just fine. Obviously most of them won’t be running around in the woods playing G, kicking in doors or whatever. There are plenty of geezers who bag a deer every season or shoot high power matches and whatnot. They would likely give a good account for theirself defending home and hearth.

    All you can do is take reasonable steps to bend the aging curve into your favor. Eating reasonably, maintaining a healthy body weight, avoiding excessive consumption of booze, seriously limiting or eliminating tobacco, exercising and taking care of whatever medical conditions may pop up. That being said it doesn’t matter if you are a powerlifting marathon runner with the heart of a 25 year old athlete if a Buick runs you over.

    As Hermit said he used to shoot a .45 but the recoil started to bother his hands and wrists so he switched to a 9mm. If necessary he will then switch to a .380, then a .32 then a .22 as aging takes its toll.

  6. As I see it, we have three choices when Obama get reelected.
    #1. Sit home and watch T.V.
    #2 Run off and hide out in our mountain top “hide out” until The Feds get around to collecting what’s left of you preps.
    #3 Stand Tall and don’t let the Light of Freedom go out in this country.

    Each of us is going to have to make a choice pretty dam soon!

  7. To illustrate:

    Between the sunset of the AWB and last year, I was all 1911s and revolvers, and so potential mag bans didn’t worry me much. Even so, I had small cardboard box of 1911 mags and extra mag springs.

    When I switched to the M&P 9 last fall, I immediately started buying extra mags, at least one at every gun show. I’m up to six now, which is making me a little more comfortable, but I’m the kind of person who has, like, ten or twelve magazines for her Marlin Papoose.

    My grandparents never thew away rubber bands after living through the Great Depression and, having liver through the AWB, I imagine I’ll always be a little neurotic about magazines.

    I believe nothing succeeds like excess..I’m sitting on something like 500+ magazines for my PTR-91’s. I don’t know if youre old enough to remember the Great Primer Scare back in the 90’s, but that also made an impression on many folks who now stockpile *large* amounts of primers.

  8. Best quote in the article: “You got zombies, you got ‘preppers, and you got Obama.” That about says it for me! :)

  9. Old age and treachery can overcome quite a few obstacles. Also, practice. Bruce Lee once said that he didn’t fear the thousand kicks you have practiced once, he feared the one kick you have practiced a thousand times.

  10. Six magazines for an M&P9 equals… what? Sixty for a G3? ;)

    That is one thing I miss about my HK91; AR P-Mags are crazy reasonable price-wise, but I can remember when you practically had to beg CTD or AIM to not toss a couple extra alloy G3 mags in the box. There was a point there around ’03 or ’04 where I wouldn’t have been shocked to find one in a Cracker Jack box. :D

    Indeed. It was a topsy-turvy world when you could buy a magazine for an HK, made by HK, for less than a buck. I never thought I would see a day where the cheapest magazine on the market was made by ‘Because You Suck. And We Hate You.’

  11. I’ve been making it a point to get a couple P228 and 1022 mags every time I order something from someone who has them…

    I got a stupid amount of Pmags after the ’08 scare.

    Lately, I’ve been picking up P225/P6 mags 3 at a time whenever I can get them at CDNN…

    Next to the primer stockpile, I’m running a bit behind on components… I’d like to have 10k rounds worth for every main caliber…

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