Gun Sales Booming: Doomsday, Obama or Zombies?

“He’s never been pro-gun,” says Cris Parsons of President Obama. Parsons, 31, owns a Texas gun purveyor called the Houston Armory. So far, Parsons insists, Obama has been “pretty coy” about his antipathy toward guns–and he likely will remain so during the campaign. To do otherwise would “upset a lot of people.”

But if Obama wins a second term, he’ll have “nothing to lose,” says Parsons.

Pretty much the way I see it.

But….while I don’t want to see anything bad come of the desk of the president, I’m able to deal with the uncertain political future a lot easier since I’ve had eight years since the Assault Weapons Ban sunset to Get My Act Together. Eight years, man. Eight! That’s enough to time to not only buy just about every gun and accessory you need, it’s enough time to buy even more than that. If you waited eight years to re-equip, and youre worried that youre not going to have enough time before the elections..well…I think you may not be as into preparedness as you thought you were.

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