Hurricane, gas, mags

Well, if you live in New Orleans its time to get your Zero on. The TV has been flooded(!) with dire predictions about New Orleans washing out to sea. I’m going to ignore the horror of a culture without America’s national capital of boobflashing-for-palstic-beads…..for now. Should be interesting and quite the learning experience when this all blows over and we start getting reports from survivors of how things went. Im sure the various preparedness boards will be eating it up.
The girlfriend pointed out that while US oil supplies on hand were good for a few weeks, our refining capacity has been curtailed and on this news oil prices, and gas prices, went up again. Its supposed to be worse in the next few days so we headed to WallyWorld and picked up 3 5-gallon gas cans and filled ’em at CostCo for $2.48 a gallon. And filled the truck. We have a long trip to Billings in about two weeks and this might save us a few bucks in the long run. And given the uncertainty in the energy world right now I am waaaaaaay cool with having a few 5 gallon cans of gas laid back.
Picked up forty NIB military contract AR mags with green followers. Score. That and the .30 can of SS109 greentip in the bunker give a happy warm fuzzy feeling.

Longer (much longer) post later.. Im tired from  travelling.

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  1. Once again, my fiancee and I have moved. This time, however, we have more shelves and a drier basement in the new place. It’s time to start keeping more food down there. A few months ago I found a commercial quality barcode scanner at a flea market. Two things came to mind.

    Automated grocery lists, and inventory. Both will go well with the serial terminal in the kitchen, and I guess I’ll put another one in the basement. I’ll post a link to the software when it’s done, if interested.

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