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Paratus, the holiday of preparedness, is coming up. This year it falls on September 18th. There is a FAQ up about it if you care to read it. In the spirit of the individualist nature that Paratus represents, you don’t ‘make a list and check it twice’. Why? Because:

  • We’re already on someone’s lists somewhere
  • Checking it twice is the same as checking it only once, since one is none and two is one

But in the back of my head I think I’ll probably have a few folks to send Paratus gifts to. It’ll be a fun and somewhat humourous diversion.


Summer in Montana is here. This is the optimum time to do shooting and outdoor-related stuff that you really don’t feel like doing when it is ten degrees outside. My plan for the summer is to pick a small handful of rifles and laboriously work up ideal loads for them. My plans are to work with the Ruger GSR, my flagpole 7×57, and my .44 Contender. I am especially curious to play with GSR since it’s limited optics make tight groups a challenge…but its not a rifle meant for shooting groups, its a rifle meant for shooting objects. That means that while it may not shot a 1″ group at 100 yards, it will hit a mammal-sized target reliably at, say, 300. (Which, really, is kinda Coopers original spec for the thing.) Regardless, its a very pleasant, and satisfying solitary project. I look forward to it.


There’s some buzz in the news about (yawn) new gun laws to be passed by the administration. The buzz is that ‘high-powered’ handguns like the AR/AK pistols will get dropped into some NFA classification or some such. I dunno, man…I think the barn door has been open too long on that one. Last time the fedgoons arbitrarily reclassified a firearms into that sort of category was back when the Street Sweepers, USAS/Daewoo shotguns got lumped in as Destructive Devices. There probably weren’t nearly as many of them in people’s hands as there are AR pistols these days. Still, stupider edicts have come out of the unstable minds at ATFE, so I suppose anything is possible. My money is still on this ‘wrist brace’ thing coming to a head. We’ll see.


It’s still over a year until the Presidential election. Does that mean its too late or too early to start stockpiling?

7 thoughts on “Random musings

  1. Regarding your Paratus date: do a search on Shemittah and see the correlation with your date. There is some powerful significance.

    • I remember reading something about how when Mussolini was setting up shop in Italy, he discovered that every day, in some part of Italy, there was a religious holiday for that particular day….between all the villages with their various patron saints, there was always a holiday *somewhere*. I suspect that every date on the calendar has a significant meaning to some religion some where.

  2. I too am working on my ruger gsr. I am not going w/ the cooper preferred scout setup. My plan is a xs sight system rail, w either my vortex 2-7 crossfire or a older leupold fixed 4 power. I’m kinda leaning towards the leuopold. I’m thinking surely I can improve the accuracy of this unit. Bedding? Trigger? As I acquired a stainless w/ a 18.5 barrell, I have that thread protector I will utilize after removing that flashhider. I would be very interested to hear what kind of accuracy your able to attain w/ your rollyourowns.

  3. Do you have a Paratus theme song or any Paratus carols?
    How about “I am a happy wanderer my nap sack on my back?” Remember that one from camping days with the scouts? Guess that really dates me, LOL

  4. “Paratus is discouraged from having a specific musical theme in order to prevent people from playing it a month-and-a-half before the actual holiday.”


    //thanks for this – I’ll pass it around to some people I know.

  5. The administration would doubtless love to reclassify AR and AK pistols as NFA, but they can’t. The Streetsweeper, etc, could be reclassified because they had >.50″ bores and the exemption in the NFA/GCA for >.50″ bores was for arbitrarily-designated “sporting purposes.” No such weasel language exists for <.50" bores.

    Any change would require new legislation, and that is simply not going to happen with this Congress.

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