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I try not to do New Years resolutions because, honestly, if something is a good enough idea that its worth being a resolution, then it is probably a good enough idea that you shouldnt wait until January 1 to implement it. Makes sense, right? But we all like having that clean slate on the calendar when we flip the page from December to January.

I’ve got a few things I would like to do differently this year, but Im going to keep them to myself for a while to see if I stick with them. However, if youve made some New Year’s resolutions in regard to preparedness I wouldn’t mind hearing them, if youre willing to share.
This has been bouncing around for a few days and is too useful to pass up: Top Ten Survival Downloads You Should Have. I already had most of them, but its still some great reading.
Ruger continues to try to stay relevant in the gun industry. Their new Scout rifle caught my eye and now theyre coming out with a mini 9mm. Not sure I’d prefer this over a Glock 26 but it is definitely further proof that innovation (if you can call copying KelTec designs innovation) has been let out of the cage since Billy Ruger left the biological plane of existence.

Trivia question: anyone know of a 9mm pistol that utilizes a locked breech of some kind but also a fixed barrel? The HK P7 springs to mind but thats really a delayed blowback rather than a mechanical locking.
Ordered up one of these last week. Retail is running around $500 but this guy had ‘em used for $75 each. Well, at that price who could resist? It’ll be pushing the threshold of ‘man portable’ once it’s loaded with a dozen rifles but it should do an outstanding job of keeping them protected under even the worst conditinos. Pictures and details when they arrive.

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  1. “Ruger continues to try to stay relevant in the gun industry”.
    I would like to see Ruger come out with a 308 Caliber patterned on their Mini 14 / Mini 30.
    I realize that it would be slightly heftier than the present 14’s/3o’s.
    A rifle that weighed 1-1.5 pounds heavier would be ok.
    I would want want in stainless only.
    Now that would be a cool rifle.

    As I understand it, thats how the Mini-30 came to be…an outgrowth of the XGI project to make a .308 Mini-14. Couldnt hack it with the .308 but the 7.62×39 was able to get shoehorned into the platform.

  2. Walther P38 has a fixed barrel and fires from a locked breech.

    Hmm…Wiki entry says “The fixed-barrel design mechanism operates by use of a wedge-shaped locking block underneath the breech. When the pistol is fired both the barrel and slide recoil for a short distance together, where the locking block drives down, disengaging the slide and arresting further rearward movement of the barrel.” So the barrel does, in fact, appear to move.

  3. It looks like the LC9 is ALMOST small enough for pocket carry. I wear pants with deep, wide pockets, so for me it might even work. For IWB it would be a G26 or G19, or an M&P 9mm, but even the 26 is too fat for pocket carry. And nobody has the $ for an R9.

  4. I do New Years ‘Resolutions’ but they could maybe be more properly called goals. Being realistic is a big thing; for example if I really wanted to lose and keep off those 10 vanity pounds I would have by now. I use it as a time to assess my situation, come up with goals and have a timeframe to try and meet them in.

  5. Does it have to be 9×19?

    Well, thats kinda my point…theres plenty of .380 fixed-barrel guns out there but I was wondering if there was one in 9×19 that had a mechanical locking system as well as a fixed barrel.

  6. I’m dodging Ruger like the plague. I just had the very worst customer service experience ever. It’s sad when Phoenix Arms and Hi Point are more responsive than Sturm Ruger.

  7. Hi all –

    Thanks for posting the Top 10 Downloads You Should Have. That originally came form a posting at my site –

    Keep up the good work!


  8. Accutrax,
    what you end up with is an M-14 for .308. The Mini-14 is just that, a down-sized version of that battle rifle, essentially.

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