Life Liberty Etc closing up

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Well nuts….Life Liberty Etc, the makers of my WWRD shirt, are apparently folding up their tent. Closeout sale but most of the common sizes are already long gone. I mention in case theres any 3XL or XS people out there who want some fun shirts.

I usually wear that one to the local organic hippie mart when the missus and I are shopping for overpriced, organic, free-trade, socially-conscious… actually, you know what, I can’t even type all that without my eyes rolling. Let’s just leave it at “I wear it to piss off  hippies”.

So….one is none, two is one. We fade back and go to our backup supplier of annoy-the-left t-shirts – Those Shirts…. the source of my fabulous “excuse me, where did you get that??” Reagan shirt.

Kinda sad about Life Liberty Etc. Fortunately, another outfit that sends a message using cotton also exists: 1791 Apparel. You gotta believe theres one of these and these in my future, size L. Although, I like the selector switch ones too.

Rather silly to be thinking of t-shirts now, though. Today is the first day where it isn’t in the mid-90′s…..fall is still a month and a half away but, as I am reminded, hunting season is only two months away. I should be thinking less about t-shirts and more about wool.