Pelican Micro Cases redux

Deja vu all over again. About two years ago one of my vendors had a deal on these and I wound up with a bunch. They are extremely handy. I use one as a Glock first aid kit, containing punch, test plate cover, extra springs and pins, and whatever else I might need to get an errant Glock back to full speed. I also use them to protect my BlackBerry when Im fishing or in unfriendly-to-electronics environments. And, of course, they are excellent for making bombproof pocket first aid kits. They are ideal for spare parts kits for firearms.

Well, a bunch have showed up and, interestingly, I can let them go at the same price as last time if anyone is interested. They are solid black, with lanyard, and brand new. If you want one, they’re $12.49 shipped. ($9.99 and $2.50 to ship) And by shipped, I mean I’m gonna slap a label and postage on the side of it and drop it in a mailbox…finding a box to put it in just adds weight and cost.

If you want one (or more), here’s the button.

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