Pelican Micro Cases redux

Deja vu all over again. About two years ago one of my vendors had a deal on these and I wound up with a bunch. They are extremely handy. I use one as a Glock first aid kit, containing punch, test plate cover, extra springs and pins, and whatever else I might need to get an errant Glock back to full speed. I also use them to protect my BlackBerry when Im fishing or in unfriendly-to-electronics environments. And, of course, they are excellent for making bombproof pocket first aid kits. They are ideal for spare parts kits for firearms.

Well, a bunch have showed up and, interestingly, I can let them go at the same price as last time if anyone is interested. They are solid black, with lanyard, and brand new. If you want one, they’re $12.49 shipped. ($9.99 and $2.50 to ship) And by shipped, I mean I’m gonna slap a label and postage on the side of it and drop it in a mailbox…finding a box to put it in just adds weight and cost.

If you want one (or more), here’s the button.

6 thoughts on “Pelican Micro Cases redux

  1. What is a “test plate cover”?

    Replaces the cover plate on the back slide of the Glock so you can view the engagement of the sear and firing pin as the trigger is worked.

  2. Can you tell me if my three cases have went out?

    Tough to tell since I dont know who you are. On the other hand, only two people ordered a quantity of three. One went out last week and one went out yesterday. If youre in MT, yours went out yesterday.

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