Linkage, blegging, gun show

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I was sent a link to this blog and am passing it on: Getting Your Life In Order

And although I’ve mentioned it before, it’s time to mention it again, one of my favorite cooking-with-food-storage blogs: Safely Gathered In

As I’ve said in the past, I think the hallmark of maturity in the long road to preparedness is when you start putting more value, effort, resources and thought into things like food rather than guns. Guns are important, no doubt…..but think about how many times you eat per week vs. how many looters you shoot per week. I dunno about you but my meal-to-looter ratio is pretty high these days…thus, guns an ammo are now back-burner stuff as I work on keeping the grocery supply topped off.


The blegging continues. About a dozen folks have been kind enough to throw a few bucks (and some it was more than just a few) in the direction of the blog to pay for hosting and domain registrations for the next year or so. I’ll mention it once or twice more in the next couple posts and then you won’t be hearing about it again for a good couple years at least.


The Missoula Gun Show approaches! This is the largest show in Montana and while not as big as it has been in the past it is still an awesome show. Should be interesting to see how the current events will affect the turnout and the market.