I am very reluctant to buy thing exclusively for myself. What can I say, Im a cheap bastard. Virtually all the preparedness stuff I spend money on is a ‘we’ purchase rather than a ‘me’ purchase. But….once in a while something comes along. Books I’ve read say that if there’s something you really want, sit on it for a while and if, after time goes by, you still really want it then go ahead and purchase it. I’ve been wanting a set of these ever since I heard about them…Ive had the website bookmarked for over a year.  The AR and PTR rifles around here use the aperature/peep system of sights so a 10/22 with a set of these sights would be nice for practicing sight picture and target acquisition. Additionally, the longer sight radius and more precise usage should help with consistent hits.

These are the sights that the Appleseed guys recommend for their practice rifles. If you think about it, most of the US military arms use this sort of sight system…M14, Garand, carbine, M16…so, if you want to familiarize yourself with proper sight usage on these military weapons but dont wanna shell out the bucks for the ammo, these seem like a good idea.

I ordered up a set today and I’ll be sure to report on them when they arrive. I’m very much looking forward to using them and seeing how they perform.

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  1. I’ve got Techsights on two different rifles. Both rifles were set up per Appleseed recommendations but they work great as practice rifles.

    Getting towards three years ago I set up my 10/22 with the sights. Back then if you ordered the TSR200 (the more adjustable one) you ended up needing a taller front sight post (this has been fixed since, they come with the taller post). That rifle is still in my safe and the sights still work great and have been through two Appleseeds (yes, I work too much) with two different shooters and some new shooters as well.

    Last winter I picked up a new Marlin 795 for cheap. Over the winter I set that rifle up the same way. This is the rifle I shot at the Appleseed a couple of friends and I made it to this past spring (2010). These sights seemed easier to install but that could just have been upgraded instructions.

    I highly recommend the sights as well as the Sight Adjustment Tool (Item #TS211). Yes, it’s just a piece of stamped metal but it works. I wish I’d gotten a second one to stash with my 10/22 stuff. The tool did work fine on the Marlin sights too.


  2. I put Tech Sights on my 10/22s. I love them, my son loves them on his first rifle (I cut one down for him). They were the best introduction to “real” irons I could give him, and they’ve worked out wonderfully for both of us. Since you already have AR sight tools, you’re good to go. Drifting them in was a bitch, but sort of expected. And my son makes the transition to the BUIS on my AR without a thought, which was exactly what I was hoping for. But I do let him use the Aimpoint T-1 95% of the time, it’s a lot more fun and way easier to get his hits, especially when the AR is still a bit too big for him to shoot comfortably.

    I recommend the TSR200 without reservation. You’ll be very pleased.

  3. I’ve 3 10/22s, 4 SKSs, and 1 ak with these sights. I really like ‘em. easy target acquisition, great sight radius, and tough as nails. The only thing I found was the instructions on the 10/22 models doesn’t tell you to drift the front sight into windage before locktighting them into position. when you install them firm up the front screw on the front sight but don’t locktight it. set the rear sight on the center mark (I use the TS100 on 10/22s and TS200 on SKSs) then go to the range and get the front sight set for windage before locktighting the screws. Windage at the front sight is acquired by moving the sight toward the point of impact. If you need more info check out sighting in the M1 Garand.

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