Link w/ video – Charges unlikely against man who shot robbers

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Ah. its stories like these, with accompanying video (very much worth watching), that warms my heart and makes me smile. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a senior citizen justifiably getting all “Gran Torino” on a couple kids who think civilization doesn’t apply to them.

“Based on what I have seen and what I know at this time, I don’t anticipate filing any charges,” said Bill Gladson of the State Attorney’s Office for 5th Judicial Circuit.

Gladson said he has reviewed the security surveillance video from the cafe. While he still awaits final reports from the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, he said the shooting appeared justified.

Samuel Williams, 71, who fired the shots, has a concealed weapons permit, according to the Sheriff’s Office. Under Florida law, a person is allowed to use deadly force if he or she fears death or serious injury to themselves or others. As long as the person isn’t committing a crime and is in a place where he or she has a right to be, they are considered to be acting within the law.

It’s always been a dangerous world out there, and it’s even more dangerous today. Why wouldn’t you take precautions?

Pertinence towards preparedness? This guy was ready, bided his time ’till the bad guy’s back was turned, and once he started the bullet-party he didn’t stop. Two-hand stance needs work, but got the job done. He was prepared and he was thinking….two main ingredients to a successful outcome of any endeavour.

ETA: Read this for the robbers point-of-view.

Though Henderson said he doesn’t blame Williams for shooting, he takes exception with Williams shooting at him while he was down.

“I was down, and I’m not going to continue to shoot you,” he said.

I love how the one kid says that they weren’t going to hurt anyone because their gun was empty and rusty. Like it was just good clean fun. They’re lucky the old man was only carrying a.380 and not as accurate as he could have been.