Link – Michael Bay doing “The Last Ship” pilot for TNT

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It appears Hollywood isn’t ready to give up on the post-apocalyptic/dystopic genre just quite yet. Mind you that Jericho and Sarah Connor Chronicles both bit it after two seasons, and the new series, ‘Revolution’, looks like it might not break that streak. So, let’s shift the apocalypse from a nuclear war to a global pandemic and we get this:

Michael bay, of Transformers fame, is set to direct a TNT pilot of “The Last Ship”.

I read the book, The Last Ship, a few years back and thought it was about average for a post-apocalyptic novel. The short version: after a nuclear war, the crew of a Navy destroyer are left wandering the seas in search of a habitable home. Over time they deal with mutiny, food shortages, radiation, other surviviors, and their own new society.

It wasn’t a bad book, just nothing really groundbreaking. Good entertainment though and I would recommend it as an entertaining read. Those with naval experience will probably get more out of it. The potential, certainly, is there for a series if they can make it stick. Right now it looks like The Walking Dead is setting the television record for longevity of a post-apocalyptic series as it shambles into it’s third season.