Hardigg Medical Chest w/ Drawers at SG

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The lovely lass at The Trooper’s Gal pointed this deal out. It’s the Hardigg Medical Chest with drawers. I got one of these last year without the drawers and it’s a nice piece of gear. With the drawers? Ten shades of awesome.

Sportsman’s Guide apparently has some. Price? $199.99…about a twelfth of the new price, if SG’s listing is to be believed. SH408 is a code for free shipping, but you’ll still be on the hook for the ‘heavy item’ fee.

Overkill? Probably. Pretty much any waterproof large container would work for this sort of thing but these cases are purpose-built for keeping your emergency medical supplies safe, dry and clean. Like a lot of really cool military surplus stuff, I expect that these will be ‘out of stock’ shortly.