Storage food price increase

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Out of curiosity, I visited my local Rosauers grocery store that was carrying a small selection of the Augason Farms storage food. To my surprise, it had been moved from the endcap and given about three feet of shelf space over in the baking area. So, the good news was that this was a product that they appeared to intend to carry for at least a while longer. The bad news was that, in the space of 30 days (which is when I last made a note of the prices they were charging), prices had gone up as much as $9 per can. (Eggs and FD blueberries took the biggest jump.) Could be a couple reasons for that……..the ‘introductory’ period for a new product has passed and theyre going to their standard pricing schedule, the distributor or manufacturer has increased the price, your dollar has devalued even further, etc. Whatever the reason, the lesson is fairly plain – prices are going up, buy when you can. For those of you in Missoula, its the Rosauers on South & Reserve, aisle 6.

A larger selection of this product is supposedly available that Sam’s Club but the nearest one to me is Great Falls and then Billings. Both of which are a long drive at $4/gallon. Fortunately the folks at Augason Farms have a pretty decent freight policy so it just makes more sense to order direct.