Article – U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing

Should Americans view these kinds of scenarios as extraordinary circumstances — or a warning sign of a darker future?

Duh..any blackout is a ‘darker future’.

But seriously, folks………

Is it a sign of a ‘darker future’? (Pun not withstanding.) Hmmm…lemme think on that one (/sarcasm)

Annnnnd the captain has turned on the ‘fasten seatbelts’ sign as we begin our descent into a greatly diminshed standard of living. Please make sure all your firearms are in a locked, loaded and upright position. Portable electronic devices should be used at this time. On behalf of the governemnt and myself we’d like to thank you for your patronage and next time your travel plans include a trip to 1979 please keep us in mind. Lame ducks, prepare for departure.

0 thoughts on “Article – U.S. electricity blackouts skyrocketing

  1. Glad I live in the Midwest!

    We’re having a bit of a heat wave for this part of the country so it’ll be interesting if I hear of any brown/black outs. We use a healthy amount of juice at work as well….


  2. Having an electrician wire a transfer switch into your panel is a good idea even if you don’t have a generator right now. You never know how lucky you might be. And while you may have the skills to wire it yourself, buying the materials yourself (a breaker feed can be quite inexpensive relative to a full backup panel) and having a pro who has done it a few hundred times install the gear is peace of mind worth having.

  3. The governments of the US have been too concerned about “saving” the rest world all the while allowing( maybe intending) for the USA to go down hill.
    In my humble opinion, America is in a decline,
    the globaloneyists have America against the ropes.
    It’s not to late for America yet, but Amercans need to rise up with a united voice.
    Start by voting every sitting poiltician out of office.
    Surely new blood can’t do any worse that what they have been doing in various levels of governments for the past 20 years.
    Also, stop exporting US dollars out of the USA.
    Regardless for what it is for, energy, cars, sending aid to support some a-hole dictator in order to keep him on side.
    Let the world sort out their own problems. If some a-hole leader is being ignorant. Send a reaper drone with his name on it.
    The US has plenty of her own energy. Oil shale, natural gas, oil in the gulf, …..and all over.
    Americans have enough problems of their own right now. Many of which have been caused by being concerned about the rest of the world.
    Lets concentrate on America. Let the rest of the world look after thenselves for a while.
    Lets not let America go to crap on our watch.

  4. Yeah, if we weren’t subsidizing the defense of Japan, South Korea, Europe, and others, they wouldn’t be able to sell stuff so cheap. They all need to take a big hit on their GDP by protecting themselves. Maybe they would wise up and realize they can no longer afford their socialism, if they had to pay for protection from all those assholes their leftwingers are so in love with.

  5. A little touch of isolationism and trade protection would certainly be in order at this time….but, sadly, isn’t in the cards.

    Best part of this thread is the first time I’ve seen the term “globaloneyists”. Hat tip to Accutrax.

  6. Where I live, we have lots and lots of nice flammable wood. I’ve thought that a nice Stirling-cycle engine running a 12V generator/alternator would be the bees knees. About the size of an Erricson-Ryder pumping engine. I also have water, so a small steam engine would also work. Unfortunately, we don’t have anything like that on the markt.

  7. Re staghounds
    “Yes, it worked out so well the last time Europe and Japan were responsible for their own defense.”

    The world is a different place today.
    The US economy could be on the verge of collapse. The American debt is insane.
    Real jobs are leaving faster than a American light bulb factory on its way to China.
    Its time for Americans to take action to preserve itself.
    It is time to stop exporting American Dollars.
    “Rome” is burning.

  8. There’s been a fundamental shift in our culture. I don’t know if it’s because of Wilson’s creation of the welfare state, political correctness, or what?

    But this shift in our culture and “national values” has put us on a track toward an alternate reality. And who knows where it will take us?

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