Who really made it happen, surplus stuff

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So the kill order for Osama Bin Laden was signed by the guy who won a Peace Prize? It is worth pointing out that Bin Laden was found using information gotten by methods Obama did not support, from people detained in a manner Obama promised to put an end to, housed in a facility Obama promised to shut down. So, that means the person most responsible for this turn of events is not Obama but……
Interesting thing about downturns in the economy, you start seeing all manner of goodies showing up in pawn shops. I happen to find myself in one today and found a genuine US military sleep system , in its stuff sack with its three bags, for $79. Might have to go and pick that up if its still there in a few days. Be nice to have one as a spare to keep in the truck at all times or something similar. Although, with summer kinda sorta approaching, the focus isnt so much on staying warm as it is on staying hydrated. Fortunately a 5-gallon jerry can of water sits in the back of the truck and takes up virtually no room.
Out of curiosity, I went back to Rosauers to see if they still had the #10 cans of storage food on sale. They did, but the quantity is dwindling. I did some math and it appears theyve sold, in the last two weeks, somewhere around 1300 cans of the stuff. I looked at what remains and it was mostly soup mix, pancake mix, bread mix, and instant milk. Both types of egg mix, both fruits, hiney, and butter powder were gone. I’m hoping that the store will decide to make this a regular stocking item and, more importantly, develop a relationship with the distributor that allows me to special order.
Speaking of preparedness supplies, someone told me there was a military surplus place outside of town that I should go visit. The guy running the place is into preparedness, I am told, and might prove to have some useful stuff. Heck, I love cruising the aisles of surplus stores looking for cool stuff. Headed out there and, sure enough, the guy is into it big time. Matter of fact, he basically did what I did – decided to get into the business in order to facilitate his own acquisitions. He had some nice stuff and I got a decent deal on a little Surefire weapon light for $80 plus 3 silver halves. (Yes, he’ll take silver.) Other than a few fuel can racks that I picked up for the truck, I didnt see anything I didnt already have or couldnt live without but that doesnt mean I wont go back. Never know whats gonna turn up. His prices were, in my opinion, a little high but I bet I can dicker around enough to bring them to a level Im comfortable with. Also, it was nice to stand there and chat about the end of the world without worrying about what people were thinking. Thats worth a couple bucks right there.
To carry the topic further, while I was in Idaho helping a buddy move (and 50,000 rounds of ammo does not move easily) we came across a really cool surplus store. They had a Pelican case there I very much would like to have as well as some other goodies. Between the gun shops and the surplus stores I may have to make a roadtrip to C’D’A every once in a while.