Holiday after action report

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Ah, Xmyth has come and gone. What sort of loot? Well, lets see….I got a copy of “World Made By Hand” which I am about halfway through. I also got “The Walking Dead” graphic novel. A cast-iron cookbook (no, the cookbook isnt made of cast iron, its a cookbook for cooking with cast iron). A couple small keychain pocket-tools. Thats about it from a preparedness standpoint. From a non-preparedness standpoint I got an answering machine for the shop, some toys, some candy, a gift card to Home depot and a pickup truck. Oh, yeah…the truck. The missus got herself a Subaru a few weeks ago so she is gifting me her truck. Talk about being caught off guard.

We spent the evening at a friends house with their relatives and had a prime rib dinner with all the fixin’s. A good time. Even the bioweapon managed to score a few gifties. Pretty good trick since, last I checked, he was fairly indifferent about the commercialization of the holiday.

So, back to work. Time to get ready for the new year and whatever sobering facets it brings. Im making no real resolutions for 2011 save one – Im getting a 9mm compact carbine of some type. Uzi, HKSP89, a 9mm AR variant…something.