The company we keep

On the admin side of things, the software for this blog tells me when something here has been linked somewhere else. Its kinda nice because then I can go over to where I was linked and look around and see in what context it was about. Usually its other preparedness blogs or that sort of thing that I wind up getting these pingbacks from. Yesterday I got my first pingback from a ….questionable…website –

I’m sure this will somehow put me on the ‘black list’ (or, I suppose, ‘list of color’) with the race pimps at Southern Poverty Law Center. I cant control who reads this stuff, folks…

0 thoughts on “The company we keep

  1. I have no use for those folk (Thats being nice in describing them) over at To bad there is not a wayfor you to break that link.

  2. Ouch. On the plus side you’ve made it clear on this site that you’re not a white supremacist and most of your readers seem to be a little more intelligent than your average hate monger.

  3. I can tell you that the Southern Poverty Law Center is only self serving but I also have to say that Stormfront is much worse. They are a bunch of racist jerks! Hell, I think we will be in good company on some of those “black” lists! I bet anyone who ever typed “Prepper” is on a list!! Keep up the good work on the site!!!

  4. They can link to you, but you can delete any pingback from your post. And you can add to the post what you think of their organization, which might discourage them. Or result in crazies tracking you down.

  5. Long ago in my youth I remember seeing the KKK in their suits on the street corners of Selma AL handing out literature. I asked my grandmother if that was the KKK and she replied yes, that I shouldn’t talk to people like that.

    You are correct you cannot control who reads your material, I wish there was a way to block sites like those fromt linking to fine sites such as yours.

    As for my personal feelings about white suppremist groups? “Variety is the spice of life.”

  6. CZ;
    Just keep doing what you are doing. The US is full of good people and idiots as well.
    When the crap does hit the fan, there will be many different interest groups fighting each other.
    Righting the perceived wrongs.
    Many will just HAVE been computer warriors, too lazy, spoiled and fat to do anything, except whine.

  7. A couple links to their forum and comments thereon were why I started moderating comments so long ago.

    I don’t actually have a problem with them linking or even leaving comments. I figure theyve got as much right to say their stuff as I do mine, even if we dont agree on it. Its just that too many people assume that if you let the other side have their say you must somehow support their ideas, which in my case isnt true. I just dont support silencing anyone, even if I disagree with them.

  8. I disagree. It’s your site. You have a right to editorial discretion.

    The site has your name on it. So, for example, if you were to allow this place to be overrun by Obamatons, imho, it would show tacit approval of their viewpoints, as you’d be paying the hosting fee to let their viewpoints dominate your blog. Of course, a certain amount for the purpose of “stirring the pop” is understandable, but like anything in life… there are degrees.

  9. Commander Zero, I agree with your general sentiments. However after trail and error and error I just do not post comments that are going to really take things in a direction I don’t want. Tis a personal preference I guess.

    I could care less if StormfrontJim76 wants to comment on, say a certain piece of kit or a good way to cook flat bread. However when they start talking about blacks and Jews being at the cause of all problems they can do it elsewhere.

  10. I am starting to really see I found a gem here – people who are pro-gun, pro-preparedness without being rascist tools or nausiating religious imperialists. Makes my day!

  11. Just passing by & I see some bashing of Storm-front just after reading a line about Zombies???WTF ???Is there a difference between being righteous & racist ???I’m not of the Storm-front persuasion but I see an awful lot of righteous TOOLS on here !!! Look’s like I’m going to have to move deeper into the hills off the righteous Zombies or whatever whatever … lol :)

    If this comment made any sense whatsoever, I’d have a better response. “deeper into the hills off the righteous Zombies” there an idea in there or are we just randomly stringing words together or what?