Links – 5 Doomsday Scenarios for the U.S. Economy, the “Good Life Card”

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Interesting article about some rather likely-seeming events that could be the death knell to what is left of our economy.

To see where this re-recession might begin, my colleague Dan Indiviglio and I imagined five financial earthquakes, each with a single epicenter: housing, consumers, toxic assets, Europe, and the debt. The following five scenarios are listed in order of likelihood.

And once your economy does start going south in a big way how do you keep the populace on board with your hope-n-change? Introduce a ration card with a catchy name:

When the rationing starts (like, oh, say, health care rationing) thats the canary in the coalmine telling you its time to make for the lifeboats. You do have a lifeboat, right?