Kalispell gun show

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Kalispell gun show was today. A little different than the normal local shows I usually go to. Battle packs of .308 were around $95 a pack of 140.  AR’s were present but in reduced number. Mostly off-brands. I saw more FAL’s than I have seen in a long time. Lotsa guns built from parts kits..all hovering in the $1600 range. Very few Glocks. Couple of Uzi’s. AR mags were around $20-25. Saw a few 9mm Calico’s which I havent seen in a long time. Here’s something that you dont see every day:

Go ahead, click. Its a Ruger .44 auto made into a bullpup. How bizarre!

Also saw a paperless Barrett M82A1 w/ Swarovski scope, 5 mags and a hundred rounds of ammo for $10k…but no paperwork. Thats got some attraction, eh?

The vendors told me that the show was packed and that sales were brisk…I believe it. I picked up a few things for myself, crossed ‘em off my list and started thinking about how I was going to pay for whatever I bought.

All in all, a better show than many of the ones Ive been to lately.