Economy…youre doing it wrong

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Weather here is pleasant for February, we have plenty of food in the house, theres bright sunlight to keep moods high. Just the sort of combination to lull someone into a sense of complacency before getting kicked in the nads by reality. Moral of the story: don’t let your guard down.

Honestly, I’ve been lax lately. I need to do some grocery shopping/hoarding. I need to get seeds started for this years gardening adventure. I need to load up some practice and plinking ammo. All sortsa things I need to do and its just seductively easy to not do them and goof off. Staying focussed is always a trick.


I try to keep politics outta this blog, I really do. But, good grief, is there anyone who thinks that this ’stimulus’ package, which seems to have enough pork to practically squeal, is a good idea? If your business (or business sector) needs a ‘bailout’ then perhaps your business or industry has outlived its natural life and should be left to thrive or fail on its own merit. Do you suppose that a hundred years ago the Municipal Gaslamp Lighters Local 101 demanded .gov bail out for the gaslamp lighters industry because otherwise those newfangled electric streetlights would wipe out their ‘too big to fail’ industry? Evolve or die.

Regardless, the amount of money being bandied about is so mind bogglingly huge that its truly incomprehensible. We can relate to a thousand dollars. We can kinda relate to a million dollars. A billion? Thats almost the same as elevnteenjillion in terms of being able to relate to the number. A trillion? Thats a million people with a million dollars each. Or, put another way, if that Jesus guy spent a million bucks everyday since his birth he’d still have another 700 years of spending in front of him. If you have a 75 year life span, you’d have to spend around $35 million a day, every day. I can’t spend that kinda money every single day, but then again Im not a Democrat.

I was going to say that this seems like re-arranging deck chairs on the Titanic but its more like blowing holes in the good parts of the hull to let out all the water that came into the ship through the damaged part of the hull.

This cannot end well. How could it? Perhaps theres some sort of economic law or theory that Im unaware of that will actually make all this work and bring back ‘Morning in America’ but I just can’t see how. So…I say prepare for the epic fail.