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  1. So, I’m going to pose a question…

    I was thinking about a vacuum sealer.

    Which models do you like? Any thoughts on the ziplock re-sealable bags? Any other systems you want to comment ? Where do you buy your materials?

  2. The Tilia Foodsaver series. I think they wont work nearly as well. None come to mind. Costco.

    Ok, thats the smart ass portion of our program….

    Go with the ‘big name’ models which are usually Tilia and marketed as “Food Saver”. Dont buy bags, buy rolls of material so you can make the bags to the size you need. Skip the extras like the jar sealer attachments and that sorta thing…they never seem to work right for me.

    These things arent inexpensive..youre going to have an upfront cost around $150-175~, but it is going to pay for itself many , mnay times over. Being able to stock up on sales for things like meat and cheese and being able to sock them away tends to save money. If you have a deep freeze then youre really in fat city and will be able to get the most value out of your food dollar.

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