Linkage, bailout, gun show

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Well, first order of business today is some linkage. Someone posted in comments a post or two back and linked to their homepage about food storage. I went and perused through it and was extremely impressed. So, lemme share:

Lotsa neat info and, more importantly, lotsa recipes using food stoage – with photos! This is a big deal to me because its to easy to pick up some book and have it spell out recipes using food storage and you wonder what its gonna look like and will it look anything like stuff made using non-storage food. Wonder no more! Book mark this one and read through it. Big thumbs up! Further evidence the Mormons are still the Shaolin masters of Prep Fu.


Im watching the news about the its-not-a-bailout bailout. Apparently what started as a grossly expensive but fairly simple bill has now become an obscenely expensive and terribly long pork-laden bill. Shades of the Patriot Act.

There is a mighty rumbling from the public on this one and it may be too much for the politicians to ignore.

Some people opine that even if this bill passes it merely prolongs the inevitable. This is the ‘correction’ we’ve heard about it. Better we should deal with it now rather than later. Mmmmm….maybe. I like to think this is a wakeup call to everyone who has been living fast and loose witht heir money and hope maybe they’ll start thinking like responsible adults but whats the chance of that happening?


Gun show this weekend. Must. Not. Spend. Money.