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The software that runs this thing lets me list where incoming hits are from. That is to day, if someone comes here from a link, Im told what link it was. A good portion of hits come from search engines like Google and Yahoo. Heres some terms that have brought people here in the last 24 hours:

Gas bike conversion – Im guessing thats a hit from posts Ive done about mountain bikes and the like. Gas conversion is interesting but I’d be mroe interested in an electric conversion. They do exist, but one drawback is the batteries are rather heavy.
357 ruger magnum on ebay – Dude…eBay stopped selling guns a while ago. Try Auction Arms or some other gun oriented website auction service.
Glock knifes –
The plural of ‘knife’ is ‘knives’. Im at a loss on this one…unless its the possesive ” knife’s”
Gold 357 mag 8 shot revolvers – While I can understand the appeal of the 8-shot .357, the notion of having it in gold plate seems a little….pimp-tacular?
SU-16 carry – Eh. Theyre interesting guns, but I would think theres better choices to tote around.
26.5mm –
This turns up almost daily in searches. Its people looking for info on the 26.5mm flare guns like the surplus HK ones I wrote about.
Glock mags – This is another one I get pretty much every day.
HK g36 US parts – This is almost certainly a hit from my posts about spare parts availability for the PTR-91/HK-91 series of rifles as a result of the G3 getting replaced by the G36.
lightrs – If this is indicative of the spelling ability of your average internet user (see ‘Glock knifes’) then, truly, we are all doomed