Yes, thats a gun in my pocket and Im glad to see you

Clearly the recent events in Australia aren’t real..I mean, after the Port Arthur episode they enacted all sorts of gun control to keep that sorta thing from happening, right?

Interestingly, the places most likely to have a large population of potential would-be terrorists tend to be the large urban population centers that restrict the ability of the citizens to discretely arm themselves. Some slob in Manhattan, San Francisco, or Chicago walks into a 7-11 and starts waving a gun around is far less likely to get a bullet for his troubles than if he had pulled the same stunt in, say, well, most red states.

I don’t know whether statistics bear it out or not, but I would think that would-be terroristsĀ  are less likely to to get their jihad on when theres a reasonable chance that one of the folks they’re trying to corral into the walk-in freezer has a Glock in the pocket. Certainly having a little ace up your sleeve isnt a guarantee that youre going to get out of a situation like that, but I’d definitely feel my odds were better with it than without.

Of course, these sorts of precautions aren’t limited to worrying about terrorists. Given the increasingly unstable natures of a large portion of the population these days, it’s a good idea to drop the 640 or the G26 into the coat pocket when you walk out the door.

Here in the quiet hinterboonies the odds of some sort of recent immigrant-who-failed-to-assimilate going nuts and holding hostages in the local WalMart is virtually nil. It’s far more likely to be some low-class loser who just got kicked out of the trailer by his babymomma and figures he and his HiPoint will make the world pay. The proper response and solution to the problem, though, remains the same.



Well, as you may be aware, the big news around here these days is the Kaarma case. As you can imagine there’s a bit of a divide about the whole thing…there’s one camp that beats their chest and thunders that “Anyone inside my house unlawfully deserves to be shot and killed” and then theres another side that says “There wasnt anything here worth shooting anyone over”. I’m mostly in the latter camp. Plus…hunting over bait is usually unethical.

And, as I was walking around doing errands today, I spotted this little jewel that made me feel better:


Not sure what these guys are gonna sell, but whatever it is I’ll at least come in and look around. Come to think of it, Im a little embarassed that I dont already have one of these in the window at my shop.