When hospitals are BYOB

At some point in your journey into preparedness, you wind up starting to stock up on medical supplies. Not just first aid stuff, although that gets piled high too, but ‘medical supplies’…things like gloves, sutures, forceps, drapes, irrigation tools, scalpels, etc, etc….things that really go beyond izzy bandages and SAM splints. When it comes up in discussion there is invariably some wag who opines that storing medical stuff that you have no idea how to use is foolish and even dangerous, since it may encourage you to use it when you have no idea how to use it correctly.

I heartily disagree. First of all, I’m a fairly intelligent guy…if I don’t know how to use something, I can always learn. (And you should always be learning…) But here is the main reason I  think that storing medical supplies that you don’t know how to use isn’t a bad thing: just because you don’t know how to use it doesn’t mean there won’t be someone else around who does.

How often do we read about car accidents where one of the first people on the scene was an EMT, nurse, or doctor, on their way to work that morning? If you’re in a crisis situation and you don’t know how to help somebody, there’s a good chance that there is someone with the talent, but not the tools, nearby. Provide them the tools.

Another good reason is evidenced in Venezuela right now. In many parts of the world, hospital care is dependent on the patient providing their own supplies. Oh, you may luck out and find a hospital that isn’t re-using syringes, isn’t using medicine that was stored improperly, isn’t using medicines of questionable origin and purity, but to be perfectly safe…you bring your own. Check this out:

As her 3-month-old daughter was recovering from heart surgery at one of the leading public hospitals in Caracas, Venezuela, doctors told Yamila she needed to go out and buy basic medical supplies for her baby that the hospital had run out of. They gave her a list that included catheters, needles for administering IV fluids, antibiotics and other medications, the mother told a Human Rights Watch researcher in November.

Leaving her daughter’s side, Yamila went on a frantic search for medical supplies so basic that no hospital — let alone one of the country’s largest teaching hospitals — should ever run out of them. But none of the hospitals or pharmacies she visited had them in stock. In the end, despite concerns about the quality of the supplies, and unsure whether she had the correct catheters and needles for a newborn, Yamila had no option but to buy whatever she could find on the black market — with no quality guarantees.

(Here’s another article on Venezuela’s medical crisis.)

In this country, it’s not that difficult to stock up on that sort of thing. In fact, you can get an amazing amount of first aid and medical supplies (and equipment) off eBay if you know what you’re looking for. I think I bought a case of 4800 bandaids for something like twenty bucks. But, there’s also sutures, scalpels, lights, drapes, forceps, retractors, braces, crutches, portable x-ray machines, etc, etc. You can create a very passable medical clinic/station using nothing but your laptop, a debit card, and UPS.

When ‘The Big One’, or whatever your particular flavor of apocalypse is, occurs it will stretch your local hospitals stores to the limit. The .gov, occasionally showing some good decision-making skills, has the Strategic National Stockpile. (More here.) The notion here is that when Mayberry Hospital gets virtually stripped to the walls as patients flood in and are laid out in makeshift wards in the parking lot, the feds can swoop in with whatever passes for a Packaged Disaster Hospital these days. (The PDH’s are still out there, in some cases…like lost Cold War time capsules. This one was discovered in the base of the Brooklyn Bridge a few years back.)

My point is that it is not unreasonable to stock medical supplies that may be beyond your ability to use. However, just because you don’t know how to use something now is no excuse not to perhaps learn how to use it for a later time. When things go sideways it’s a safe bet your local medical facilities will be crowded, understaffed, overworked, overwhelmed, and probably underequipped. You’re future is a lot brighter when your neighbor, the retired doctor or nurse, says “Yeah, I can fix that but we need some…” and you trot to your supply locker and produce it.

Recommended reading:

Even if you’re not doing DIY surgery, books like these give you excellent ‘shopping lists’ for things to keep on hand.


Article – U.S. eyes ways to toughen fight against domestic extremists

Here’s a civil liberties can-of-worms waiting to happen:

But federal prosecutors tackling domestic extremists still lack an important legal tool they have used extensively in dozens of prosecutions against Islamic State-inspired suspects: a law that prohibits supporting designated terrorist groups.

While foreign groups can be classified as ‘terrorist groups’ and any support given to them be considered criminal, it hasn’t applied to US groups.

So..who is to say what a domestic terrorist group is? The Klan? The Black Panthers? Greenpeace? Earth First? The JDL? The NRA?

This sort of thing will run smack into the wall of Amendment One, but by the time that makes it way to the Supreme Court there’ll be plenty of folks cooling their heels in a federal cell somewhere.

It’s a slippery slope to try and say whats a terrorist group and what isn’t. The easy definition would be any group that goes beyond theory and gets into practice. Or, put another way, when the talkers become doers. But…that ol’ bugaboo of ‘conspiracy’ comes into play. Get three guys sitting around a table who drink a few beers and talk about how they’d ‘straighten out those guys’ and -whammo- conspiracy. Nevermind that they couldn’t get past the warm-up levels in Call Of Duty.

Certainly, this sort of demonization fits into the current practice of marginalizing particular groups to make their persecution, usually through the legal system, more palatable to the rest of us.

This is definitely something to keep an eye on.


Article – Americans stock up on weapons after California shooting

Many Americans agree and are stocking up on weapons after the country’s worst mass shooting in three years. Gun retailers are reporting surging sales, with customers saying they want to keep handguns and rifles at hand for self-defense in the event of another attack.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to me, nor should it come as a surprise to anyone who can think critically. After the 9/11 episode, we were introduced to the ‘security mom’…a Linda Hamiltonized version of the Soccer Mom. Her concerns about getting her kids to soccer practice and keeping the up with Cub Scouts was supplanted with concerns over Homeland Security Threat Levels, bottled water, flashlights, and, in some cases, firearm proficiency.

Time-750821Now that we have people wandering into crowded areas and whipping out guns/knives, it seems rather reasonable to expect that a large part of the population is going to arm themselves ‘just in case’ regardless of the overwhelming odds against them ever being caught in such a situation. But…PowerBall is still a couple hundred million to one against winning, and, as they say, someone has to win. Same story here…you may not be the victim of terrorists, but someone will be. It doesn’t hurt to have your .38 tucked in your pocket when you head to the mall, football game, or WalMart.

Living here in tropical Montana, the likelihood of Sudden Jihadi Syndrome (h/t Tam) is pretty slim. Oh, we have a university here and a fairly reasonably sized group of foreign students from other countries, but whenever they cause problems it usually involves alcohol and stupid coeds…and it is often resolved by the foreign exchange student quickly grabbing his passport and suddenly finding a reason to return home where Montana law can’t get ahold of him. The notion of one of them shooting up the concerts in the park…well, thats pretty unlikely.

Now, with the sudden, and misdirected, focus on ‘gun-control’ (which is just the warm up act for gun-registration and gun-ban, usually in that order), folks are thinking it’s high time to buy that AR, AK, and case of magazines before the .gov does it’s usual trick of screwing with the gun rights of people who had nothing to do with the event.

So it appears there are plenty of folks out there that are making their purchases now, rather than later, because they believe there may not be a later. This is good, but they really should have had this sewn up back in 2004 when the ban expired. Better late than never, though…until it gets to be too late.

Hypocrisy in action

I am amused that the mainstream media is aghast at Trumps suggestion to ban all Muslims from entering the the country. Unconstitutional actions taken against an entire group is the wrong response to the action of a miniscule portion of that group, they argue.

And then in the same breath the want to take guns away from the people who didn’t shoot anybody.

Hypocrisy much?

Article – ‘This is the month it will all happen’: Some Mormons are cleaning out Utah stores in preparation for a September Doomsday

Fasten your seatbelts, if some Mormons are right, it’s going to be a bumpy September.

A perfect storm of Bible prophecies, the Hebrew calendar, the stock market jitters, a blood moon, and an author who claims to have had a near-death experience are all convincing plenty of Utah Mormons that the end is near, reports The Salt Lake Tribune.

A store in American Fork, Utah that sells freeze-dried goods says that business has skyrocketed in the past couple of months.

Dude, any month could be the month the world comes to an end. Doesn’t matter whether its the bible, chicken bones, a magic 8-ball, or Miss Cleo….unless you’re the guy with your finger on the Big Red Button no one can really predict the end of the world. Oh, you can predict some lesser problems…hurricanes, floods, blizzards, and even some wars and famines….but Ragnarok? Nope.

And this is why it’s just good sense to be as prepared as possible. The end of the world wasn’t yesterday, and it’s probably not today, but it is certainly sometime tomorrow or later.

Article – Selling Survival

Broker Theresa Mondale and her client stand in a clearing on the patch of mountain forest he wants to sell, making small talk about whether society is going to collapse. The topic, weighty in any context, might be anathema to other agents, whose business trades on the promise of better days. In real estate, amenities always mingle with aspiration: The house has space to grow into, the yard is big enough for a dog or the patio will entice neighbors to come by for barbecue.

But Mondale’s big, cheerful voice doesn’t waver. This is her bread and butter. She has been following the latest buzz online predicting a “global reset” in September and wants to know if the client is worried.

“If something like that were coming I would feel it, because I’m a pretty intuitive person,” says Seth Pogue, a bald man with weathered skin, strong arms and an intense manner that seems to contradict his tie-dye shirt.

The local lefty fishwrapper has an article about a local real estate seler who is quietly specializing in properties that would appeal to those of us who share our rarefied interest. I’d heard some of the commercials, and seen some of the print ads, that were put out for this gal and I recall thinking that she might be on the same page as me.

The article, which isn’t too terrible for a lefty publication, goes on to mention Friend Of The Blog ,Rawles  and his coining of the ‘redoubt’ moniker as an appelation for the region.

In my years here I’ve seen more than a few properties that had odd little quirks and features that could not be explained away as anything other than ‘survivalist’-themed. But out here, those features are not necessarily considered to be odd or strange.

If I had the money, I’d be getting myself a nice acreage out in the middle of nowhere to build my quiet little concrete home and ride out what’s left of my life in quiet and security.

Anyway…interesting article and worth the read. I’d be curious to know if her business takes off or suffers because of the spotlight being shined on her particular niche.

Article – Police probing death in LA find 1,200 guns, 2 tons ammo

I feel like this is someone we know or should have known………

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Police investigating the death of a Los Angeles man uncovered an arsenal inside his home and garage — more than 1,200 guns and about two tons of ammunition, authorities said Monday.

Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Andrew Smith called the number of rifles, pistols and shotguns staggering. Many had never been fired and some were still wrapped in boxes, with price tags still attached.

“Our truck couldn’t carry it all,” Smith told the Los Angeles Times (http://lat.ms/1HFAKVn). “We had to go back and make another trip.”

I wonder how many of these will ‘go missing’ as the people assigned to handle the case round out their own collections.

This is why you need buddies who, upon news of your death, will keep your stuff safe from the state.

This is why we can’t have nice things

Man, every time I think that things might be quieting down in the land of panic buying and going long on magazines, something new happens.

Given the pre-convention jockeying and positioning of potential presidential contenders, I have no doubt that this will all play into future campaigning. Promises to eliminate ‘easy access’ to fire arms, eliminate ‘assault weapons’, ban ‘high capacity’ magazines, etc.

If I had the money, I’d be on the phone right now to CDNN and ordering Glock, 10/22, and AR mags. And even if this most recent event doesn’t wind up being responsible for any changes, the upcoming political season is still a good reason all on its own.

For those keeping track, the last time a racist shot up a large captive audience we wound up with an assault weapons ban nine months later.


Article – Police: Delaware Wal-Mart Worker Stole Thousands Of Rounds Of Ammunition, Survival Gear

There’s a right way, and there’s..well..this way:

MILFORD, Del. (CBS) — A worker at a Wal-Mart in Delaware is accused of stealing thousands of rounds of ammunition and survival gear from the store where he worked.

Investigators say 35-year-old Linwood D. Hallman Jr. is facing a felony theft charge. Police say the thefts began on January 31st.

According to the Milford Police Department, during his employment at Wal-Mart, Hallman Jr. removed several thousand rounds of ammunition and survival-related items from the store.

Police say that detectives recovered the ammunition from a home located on Butler Avenue in Lincoln, along with a rifle scope and survival bags and kits. Multiple firearms and knives were also seized from the home, police said.


Well, I guess we know why that WalMart was always outta .22 ammo, don’t we?

I can see the temptation to loot your employer if your employer happens to deal in Things That Would Be Useful. But…stealing is stealing. While I can understand the temptation, I can’t support it. Suck it up and spend your own money, like the rest of us poor slobs.